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The wise, the funny and the just plain silly!

Money is the root of all evil.

Micky Dolenz

"Love is the ultimate trip."

"Age only matters if you're cheese."

"Isn't this fun?"

"I'll love you twice as much on Friday cause I want the weekend off."

"I, myself, am deeply jealous."

"I was a has been, now I'm an am is."

"Love is the key that fits a million locks."

Michael Nesmith

"Save the Texas Prairie Chicken."

"Play magic fingers."

"When it rains, you get wet if you live in a parking lot."

"The power is inside of you. Nobody can give it to you…and nobody can take it away."

"Behind every dark cloud, there's usually rain."

"What it really takes a talent to do is to dig something ugly."

"For every bright light, there's a broken heart."

"The only difference between me and Peter is that I'm just stone legal."

"Oh, man, keep your dress on."

"Love is power."

"Due to a lack of interest, tomorrow has been cancelled."

"That's right baby, and fish can swim."

Peter Tork

"Nobody ever lends money to a man with a sense of humor."

"Don't quit just before the miracle."

"Boy, am I ever doing nothing."

"Who turned on the dark?"

Davy Jones

"You must be joking?"

"You must be out of your birds!"

"One more remark like that and I'll hit you with me purse."