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~FanFiction Written by Friends~

The page will contain fanfiction written by my friends.

Please drop the author an email and let her know what you thought!

I am NOT accepting any new stories at this time.

FanFiction by Francoise...

Micky's Magic

Bluebeard's Wife

His Majesty, Micky, The First

When Love Comes Knocking At Your Door

Snow White & The Four Monkees

You and I

FanFiction by The Mad Hacker...

It's Hard To Believe (RATED NC-17)

FanFiction by Miri...

The Katz

FanFiction by Erica & Sara...

P.S. I Love You (RATED NC-17)

FanFiction by Shannon...

L'Histoire d'Amour (RATED R)

90125 (RATED R)

Amy Nesmith...

A Monkee Miracle