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New Beginnings--My Tribute to Roman and Billie

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Billie and Roman
Billie and Roman have had their tough times lately, both spending their time over others who weren't in love with them. Roman was the tough guy cop who came back to Salem in the hopes of rekindling his love with Dr. Marlena Evans, but her heart had belonged to John Black. Billie Reed returned to Salem in the hopes of winning back Bo's heart from Hope, but alas her efforts were in vain because even though she was pregnant with Bo's child, she was chasing the wrong Brady brother. With their mysterious history in Paris and their new found bond, Billie and Roman can be able to discover that their search is over and that they can find love right in front of them. Of course, once they let go of the past, the possibliities are endless.

This page is was last updated on May 29 and I have much more to add, so expect updates in the future. If you have anything that you'd like to contribute or it you just want to comment, then feel free to e-mail me.

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This page was in no way associated with Days of Our Lives or NBC, so please don't sue me. ***Pics courtesy of Mike Mattes Day's Page and Dustin's Days page***

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