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Welcome to the RIBA Home Page

Note:  This web site is still under construction and not all links are active.

Coming Events:  Listed below are scheduled events for the current RIBA  2004/2005 bowling season and some future events for RIBA/Illinois State/ABC/USBC. 

        RIBA City Tournament, Feb 28 - Mar 6  at Town & Country Lanes

                Tournament Director:  RON WILDERMUTH    

        City Tournament Roll Off scheduled at T&C Lanes  March 20, 2005

        RIBA Dance and Hall of Fame Inductions at VFW Hall, March 26, 2005

        Nine Pin Tournaments - T&C Lanes Jan 23, 2005; Milan Lanes date TBD

        Election of Officers meeting, May 13, 2005, 7:00 p.m., T&C Lanes


        RIBA Lane Reps:

                Town & Country Lanes:  Chuck Flucas, Ron Wildermuth, John Engeland, Bob Gordon

                Milan Lanes:  Mark Hough, Jim Paulsgrove, Glenn Jump


Sign up for RIBA 2004/2005 City Tournament, Feb 28 - Mar 6 at T&C Lanes - Team/Doubles/Singles - See your League or Association Representative for details

 Rock Island Bowling Association Officers


Patrick Gordon

Vice Presidents

Chuck Flucas, Mark Hough, Jeff Gordon, Bill Diehl


Jim Paulsgrove, John Engeland, Ron Wildermuth,

 Chuck Dinwiddie, Bryan Burmeister

Executive- Director

Darryl Hixon


(Still) Under Construction