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100 Aker Wood Stories

In a little house deep in the 100 Aker Wood, a very round bear was doing his slimming excercises when, all of the sudden his tummy rumbled. "I need to find some hunny," he said "I'll just follow this bee to his tree." At the tree, Pooh had rolled in mud and was holding a blue balloon. This was to disguise himself as a little black rain cloud. Pooh reached in and pulled out a paw full of golden hunny as the bees began to buzz suspiciously around his head. Then, all of a sudden, his balloon started letting out air. When Pooh was back on the ground, he decided to go to Rabbit's house for some hunny. Pooh ate so much hunny that he got stuck in Rabbit's front door on the way out! Christopher Robin couldn't pull Pooh out so, they had to wait for him to get thin again. On the day that Pooh finally budged, Christopher Robin and all the Hundred Aker Wood friends came to pull him out. They pulled do hard that Pooh popped out and sailed right into the hunny hole in a nieghboring tree.

One day in the Hundred Aker Wood, Piglet, Rabbit and Pooh all got bounced by Tigger. Piglet, Rabbit and Pooh decided to lose Tigger in the forest. So, the next day, all the friends set off on an expedition. Once Tigger was far ahead, Piglet, Rabbit and Pooh hid in a hollow log. Piglet, Pooh and Rabbit walked around until they were all lost in the forest. Rabbit decided to go off by himself and got more lost than before. Meanwhile Piglet and Pooh made it all the way to find Tigger waiting for them.
"Where's Ol' Long Ears?" was the first thing Tigger said.
"He's lost in the woods." Pooh replied So Tigger bounced off to find him. When Rabbbit returned he was a humble Rabbit, a lost and found Rabbit a why-oh-why did this happed to me? Rabbit never complained about Tigger's bouncing again.