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Meet Pooh's Friends

 Pooh Sleeping
Name : Winnie the Pooh
Likes: Hunny, Christopher Robin, & Piglet
Dislikes: Heffalumps & Woozles
Description: stuffed with fluff & bear of very little brain

Name: Piglet
Likes: Pooh Bear
Dislikes: anything big and scary
Description: small and pink

Name: Tigger
Likes: Malt Extract and bouncing
Dislikes: Hunny, ice-skating, & climbing trees
Description: Very bouncy with lots of stripes

Name: Eeyore
Likes: Thistles
Dislikes: himself
Description: gloomy ALL the time

Name: Rabbit
Likes: Carrots
Dislikes: Tigger & Bugs in his Garden
Description: grumpy and yellow

Name: Gopher
Likes: to dig
Dislikes: credit
Description: small and gray

Kanga & Roo
Names: Kanga & Roo
Like: Everything
Dislike: Heffalumps and Woozles
Descriptions: Roo wants to be like Tigger & Kanga is just a loving mother