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The best Othello On-Line Tournament by Leonid Shifman

I think more people will agree with me if I say that the main event of last year in Internet Othello society was creation of the NOP Castle Othello Ladder. This tornament has a very interesting and original formula. Surely it is possible to add any technical details but I think it is very difficult to improve the formula. But I see one lack. We almost don't see a struggle for the first place. Ryan Matreyek (USA) is its owner.

Yes, sometimes he is changed by Benjamin Shifman (Israel) or Eddie Williams (USA), but it seen like he lets out it for a short time. But may be in close time Ian Turner (Great Britain) and Bill Roberts (USA) will change this situation. Please see all games played for first place in this year. Sure Ryan took part in all of this games.

I put the point and looked on the Tournament Standings: Ian already on first place!

But the last news is - Leonid Shifman (Israel) defeated Ian Turner!

Who is next? May be Daniel Olidan (Argentina)? Anyways he is the next challenger!