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MY TITANIC CLOCK "a replica of the "Meet me under the clock"

This is my personal replica of the Titanic Clock. I purchased it on Ebay on auction.

It is a half scale reproduction of the famous clock, from the first class staircase of the Titanic. It is a beautiful recreation crafted by a master sculptor. The origianal clock still rests on the bottom of the Atlantic.

This clock was carved from oak wood and the angels of Honor and Glory stood on each side of the dial of the clock. The angels stood on a decorative pedestal.

These clocks are battery operated, so they does run. I preferred to stop mine at 2:20 though. If you are interested in purchasing one of these replicas you need to get in touch with "the pink princess" on Ebay. I am sure that the clocks are still being run for auction. It is truly a beautiful work of art and I am thrilled to have mine.