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Plainfield Illinois - 143rd St. Neighbors Organization, Inc. - Information Page

143rd St Neighbors Organization, Inc.
Facts and Information Page

What is the issue?
The Village of Plainfield wants to build a new road, called the 143rd Street Extension, over the DuPage River, across a lot of flood plain, through wild life & open spaces area, across roads, right next to a cemetery and alongside a number of citizens back yards.

Why did Plainfield area citizens create the 143rd Street Neighbors Organization, Inc.?
Because the vast majority of property owners adjacent to this proposed new road do not live in the Village of Plainfield. They can not vote for the village officials who are forging ahead with this very questionable project. In addition, ComEd granted usage rights of utility right-of-way, to the village, without ever informing the adjacent landowners.

This organization gives the citizens, who are opposed to this project, a single focal point from which to express common views and to fight this project until it is stopped!

What does the Village of Plainfield say the purpose of the new road really is?
We wish we could get a solid, single answer for this question. But the answer seems to depend on who is present when that question is asked. So far we have heard three answers:
1. It will solve Plainfield's traffic problems.
2. It will get the trucks out of downtown Plainfield.
3. It will bring industry into the area.

Our group does not believe this road will address any of the above points. However, we do believe that the construction of that road would change our way of life, decrease home property values for those near the road and destroy valuable open spaces and terminate wild life in that area forever.

We have eyewitnesses who have seen various wildlife species in the area including deer, fox and night herons pictured next:

Many Lake Renwick bird families have been seen regularly feeding along the ComEd greenway and in the water where the proposed bridge would cross the DuPage River. If that wild life is forced from this area, where can they go next?

....On 02/12/2000 the Plainfield Sun reporter spotted 5 deer in the ComEd utility right-of-way during an interview with members of our organization and the Sunís photographer spotted a Great Blue Heron in the river on 02/15/2000 while taking pictures at the proposed location of the 143rd street DuPage River bridge....

Exactly what is your Mission Statement?

We believe the proposed extension of 143 rd St. from Route 59 East to I-55, or any portion there of, is not an effective solution to the truck traffic problem in Plainfield.

Furthermore, this road will adversely impact the environment, disrupt the quality of life in the surrounding area and result in the unnecessary destruction of open space. Therefore, we believe this extension is not in the best interests of the Plainfield community.

The purpose of our organization is to garner sufficient support from the public and governmental agencies so as to prevent the construction of the 143 rd St. extension.

Our strategy is to identify and publicize the roadís drawbacks and adverse consequences, advocate alternative solutions to the truck traffic problem and vocalize our opposition to the extension at appropriate public forums.

Can you imagine the size of the bridge needed to cross this flood plain?

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Is a new bridge really needed here?
This is where the Village of Plainfield wants to build the 143rd Street Extension!
Picture taken January 1999. At least one flood a year like this!
Property Being Given to Plainfield by Commonwealth Edison!

What exactly did ComEd do?

Show me some history on this group!

See newspaper articles about 143rd, etc.!

See map of area

See pictures of area

Picture of Bald Eagle on DuPage River

Illinois Ornithological Society

Our Wetlands Losses!

Still Undecided?

Environmental Information On Our American Rivers

I would like to join this organization!

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Our Private Policy Statement

Email us your comments and questions

You can also send us regular mail to:

143rd Street Neighbors Organization, Inc.
PO BOX 862
Plainfield, Illinois 60544

(We are accepting donations to help stop this madness!)
(Please make check payable to: 143rd Street Neighbors Organization.)
(Thank you)