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WIKADUKE Trail tollway

Yes, you don't have to rub your eyes, this is about a new tollway in northern Illinois to provide a major solution for our current traffic nightmare.

Why a tollway when you keep hearing how folks want to eliminate tollways in Illinois? Ask yourself these two questions the next time you are stuck in traffic around the Plainfield area, including Route 30, I-55, Route 126 and Route 59, "would you pay 50 cents to avoid that traffic bottleneck?" "Would you approve bonds to build a tollway that would reduce traffic that passes north and south through the Plainfield area?" (Especially the non-Plainfield traffic that is just "passing through" the Plainfield area?) I have a strong feeling that your answers would be YES!

Having said that, it seems that tollways, like riverboat casinos, can get built in record time. (355 is a good example) Anything that provides jobs and pays for itself will always get approved over something that requires additional "permanent" taxes.

If you are not aware of the WIKADUKE trail proposal, it is a road to be built connecting I-80 to the south and I-88 to the north. Though a true traffic solution for our area, it remains almost a secret in the Plainfield area in that it is hardly ever mentioned by this area's state and local representatives. Nor the news media?

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Why, because 10 years ago it was a 20-year project. And 5 years ago it was a 20-year project. 3 years ago it was a 20-year project. Last year, it was a 20-year project!

If this "20-year project" would ever become a focal point at election time and if the idea was expanded to have the WILKADUKE be a tollway, it would actually get built in our lifetime. The current non-tollway proposal for WIKADUKE is still a 20-year projet! By making it a tollway instead, we can have construction begin in 3 to 5 years!

The rhetoric is being kept very short here because only YOU, not me, can get this road built quickly. If you are truly tired of the traffic problems and of the squabbles "local bypass" proposals always seem to spawn, then contact your state senators & representatives and let them know that you want the WIKADUKE tollway built NOW!

Write those letters and make those phone calls. If you donít, then please stop complaining about our area traffic problems. And most of all, be prepared to have the next proposed "local traffic bypass" come to a neighborhood in YOUR area!

Thank You,

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