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Southern Illinois Genealogy Books

by Patricia S. Davis

Carmi Times Sesquicentennial Edition, Dec. 9, 1965.

A transcript of the text and advertisements in the 124-page special edition newspaper celebrating White County's 150 Years of Progress. Much valuable genealogical and historical data is included, with hundreds of names from the early 1800s through the 1900s plus biographies, organization history (and officer names through the years), church history (ditto), and history of each White County township, as well as of the towns therein. Even if you don't have White County Ancestors, the historical and biographical articles give a fascinating insight into the lifestyles of our pioneer and not-so-pioneer ancestors! (6/1998, 332 pages, soft-cover, full index, $35)

Names and Places in the Atlas of Illinois, 1876. Alphabetically lists the cities, towns, P.O.s, Stations, and NAMES OF LANDOWNERS shown in each county, plus the county and township. With separate listing of Names and Towns by County. This is great for finding where your ancestor had land -- even if it wasn't in the county in which he lived! (1/1998, 175 pp, soft-cover, full index, $24)

Obituaries of White County Illinois & Other (less-important) Areas of The World: Vol. I: 1872-1896. Abstracts from films of White County Illinois Newspapers, with deaths from White County, surrounding counties, adjacent States, all other States, and from abroad; this book lists deaths from all over, sometimes with scant information, sometimes with amazingly full genealogical information. Even if your ancestors have no White County connection, they may be listed in this book. Includes full-name Index. (1/1997, 168 pp, soft-cover, $24)

White County Illinois Marriages, 1816-1865. This book alphabetically lists both bride and groom with spouse and marriage date, and Book- and Box-# where licenses and/or returns will be found. Includes over 200 marriages not listed in Vaught's Marriage book, plus many corrections of grossly-misspelled names and of erroneous dates in that reference. Includes First-Name Index. (10/1995, 171 pp, soft-cover, $21)

White County Illinois Marriages, 1866-1880. This book alphabetically lists both bride and groom with spouse, marriage date, and ages & parents' (or guardian's) names, if given. It also gives the Book- & Box-# where license will be found, & the stated county of residence. Many additions and corrections to Vaught's Marriage book, plus some parents added from my own database. Includes alphabetical Index to parents and/or guardians. (1996, 208 pp, soft-cover, $27)

Williamson County Illinois 1868 Taxes, with Real Estate, City Lots, and Personal Property Lists. Includes Town-Range maps for charting property, & reproductions from the 1868 Assessor's Book of all Personal Property names & many Real Estate names (especially questionable ones). (1995, 238 pp, every-name index, hard-cover, $35)

The following are soft-cover Indexes of previously-published Southern Illinois books, and contain both Every-name and First-name indexes, including maiden names when available:

INDEX to WHITE Co IL Wills 1816-1916 & Obituaries, Naturalization Papers, Marriages in 1916 [Original book is by Harriet Vaught & is not indexed.] (1994; 79 pp, $15)

INDEX to Marriages from WHITE Co IL 1881-1900, Vol. 2 [Original book also contains the 1976-1979 Probate Index, is by Harriet Vaught & is not indexed.] (1996; 199 pp, $24)

INDEX to Marriages from WHITE Co IL 1901-1915, Vol. 3 [Original book is by Harriet Vaught & is not indexed.] (1996; 155 pp, $21)

INDEX to Early Land Grants of WHITE Co. Illinois 1814-1854 & Probate Index 1818-1976 [Original book, which also includes 1818-1976 Probate Index & 1850-1854 Deed Records, is by Harriet Vaught & is not indexed.] (1995; 128 pp, $18)

INDEX to Cemeteries of WHITE County Illinois, Volumes 1 & 2 [Original book is by Harriet Vaught & is not indexed.] With separate Indexes for each Volume. (1995; 194 pp, $21)

INDEX to HAMILTON County IL Cemeteries & Probate Index 1821-1900 [Original book, which also includes Will Book 2, Hamilton Co History Index, pre-1850 tax lists, & 1821-1900 Probate Index, is by Harriet Vaught & is not indexed.] (1994; 149 pp, $18)

INDEX to History & Families of GALLATIN Co IL [Original (1986) book, edited by Lucille Lawler, is not indexed.] (1994; 166 pp, $18)

INDEX to Death Records for Carbondale Illinois 1877-1952 (JACKSON Co.) [Original book by Louise Morehouse is not indexed.] (1995; 155 pp, $18)

INDEX to Parker's History of JOHNSON County Illinois This (out-of-print) subject book, in spite of its title, is 98% cemetery listings. (1995; 153 pp, $18)

(IL residents add 7% sales tax. All prices postpaid; Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.)

Send check or Money Order to:

Patricia S. Davis

705 Burrell St.

Carmi, IL 62821-2319

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Research Tips

Scottish Naming Conventions



Scottish Naming Conventions

Since many of my ancestors are of Scottish origins, I have learned that the Scots had a definite method of naming their offspring -- which helps tremendously in researching Scottish families. The conventions were carried through until the late 19th Century, when many American families became more independent and creative, although many still follow the conventions to this day.

Here are the Scottish conventions followed for naming offspring:

1st son: Named after paternal grandfather
2nd son: Named after maternal grandfather
3rd son: Named after father
4th son: Named after father's oldest brother
1st daughter: Named after maternal grandmother
2nd daughter: Named after paternal grandmother
3rd daughter: Named after mother
4th daughter: Named after mother's oldest sister

Additional children were usually named after Uncles and Aunts, but I don't believe this was required. Scots who did NOT follow this convention -- at least in early years -- may have even been disowned by the family!

Of course, this brings up many possibilities and combinations: for example, if the first son was the son of a third son, he would have not only his grandfather's name, but his father's, so his second brother down the line would have a different name. Sometimes, when a child died young, the child's name was re-cycled for a later child, which really confuses the research. And of course, if the mother died young and the father re-married, additional children may have been named for her parents, etc., although she may have brought children from a previous marriage to the union with their names. Remember too, that in some cases of re-marriage, the children sometimes used the NEW father's surname, without any legal adoptions (sometimes the children didn't even realize that their "father" really wasn't)!


There are so many nicknames, and so little space! To begin, I'll list some of the most common:

Allie is usually Alice, Aline, or Aletha
Bell is usually Arabella, Annabelle, Isabel, Rosabel, etc.
Cindy is usually Lucinda or Cynthia
Daisy is usually Margaret
Delia is usually Cordelia or Adelia
Dora is usually Theodora, Eudora, or Dorothy
Effie is usually Euphemia (but sometimes Sarah)
Elsie is usually Elizabeth
Fanny is usually Frances
Greta is usually Margaret
Hal, Hank or Harry is usually Henry
Hallie is usually Harriet or Henrietta
Hettie is usually Hester, but sometimes Esther or Henrietta
Jack is usually John
Jake is usually Jacob
Jenny is usually Jane, Virginia, Janet, or Jennifer
Larry is usually Lawrence
Lena or Lina is usually a name ending in those letters (Eme-, Se-, He-, Magda-, Pau-, Ange-, etc.)
Lettie is usually Letitia
Libby is usually Elizabeth
Madge, Midge, Meg, Maggie, or Maisie is usually Margaret
Mattie is usually Martha, but sometimes Matilda
May or Maisie is usually Mary
Millie is usually Mildred, but sometimes Amelia or Millicent or even Mary
Minnie is usually Mary
Molly is usually Mary
Nancy is usually Agnes or Ann(e)
Nell is usually Ellen, Helen, or Eleanor
Nora is usually Eleanor, Honora, or Lenore
Patsy is usually Martha or Patricia, but sometimes Matilda or Patience
Peggy is usually Margaret
Polly is usually Mary
Sally or Sadie is usually Sarah
Sukie is usually Susan
Tillie is usually Matilda
Xr is Christopher
Zeke may be Ezekiel, or Hezekiah

I welcome additions to this list, especially the more uncommon nicknames -- though I won't be listing the obvious, such as Sam for Samuel, and Mike for Michael. Your suggestions will help other researchers, and they may, in turn, be able to help you!


Sometimes we can only find our ancestors listed by their initials (often the result of "lazy" census-takers, or the available space on a tombstone). Here are some initials, with likely names (these are the "old-time" names, not modern creations; biblical names were popular):

A._ try Abraham, Adam, Alexander, Ann(e), or Abigail
A.J. is probably Andrew Jackson
B._ try Benjamin, or Bertha
C._ is probably Charles, or Catherine; try Caleb, or Cornelia
D._ try Daniel, or Delia
E._ try Edward, Ezekiel, Elizabeth, Ellen
F._ try Franci(e)s, Florence,
G.W. is probably George Washington
H._ is probably Henry, Hezekiah, Hester
J._ is probably John, Jacob, Joshua, Jane, Jenny, or Joseph(ine)
K._ is probably Katherine
M._ try Mary, Matthew, Martha, Mark, Melissa
M.E. is probably Mary Elizabeth
M.J. is probably Mary Jane
N._ try Nathan(iel)
O._ try Obediah
P._ try Patience, Paul, Pearl
R._ is probably Robert
S.E. is probably Sarah Elizabeth, or Samuel something
T._ is probably Thomas, or Tabitha
U._ is probably Ulysses, or Ursula
V._ try Virginia, or Victoria
W._ is probably William

Please submit suggestions for other common (Old) names to add to this list -- you'll be helping other researchers in this unending quest!


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