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Israel Neuropsychology Forum

Dear Visitor: Welcome to The Israel Neuropsychology Forum. This site, founded in 1997, is intended to serve as a forum linking Israeli neuropsychologists and behavioral neurologists with their colleagues in Israel and abroad. Here, questions can be asked, issues can be raised, and information can be provided regarding all aspects of neuropsychological and behavioral neurological practice in the special context of Israel.

This site is under continuous development. Kindly send comments and suggestions for site development to the operator at the below e-mail address.

This site contains information and materials provided to you during the behavioral neurology module. Due to their sensitivity, there are no direct links to these materials. You must enter the URL address directly.

This site was last modified on December 15, 2013.

The Forum

Multilingualism In Neuropsychology

Pediatric Neuropsychology in Israel

Neuropsychological Service Providers In Israel

Humor In Neuropsychology

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