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The Wizard of Oz Hanging

Pretty much everyone is talking about this one. OK, if you haven't heard a million times already, there is a scene in the classic movie, "The Wizard of Oz", where you can supposedly see someone hang themselves in the background. The strange occourence can be seen a few minutes (in the same scene) after the Wicked Witch is standing on top of the Tin Woodsman's house and throws a fireball at the Scarecrow. Then the witch leaves and the trio spend an unnecessary amount of time discussing things. Then they all start skipping down the yellow-brick road. OK, here's the time to watch. In the background, on the upper left side in the woods, there is something going on. What most people believe is that this is a bird in the background lifting up it's wings behind a tree. Another theory is that a set-person got stuck in the background, tried to hide behind a tree and then tried to cover his tracks and run off the set. But the third theory, the one that deep inside everyone really wants to believe, is that there is something more.......unexplained going on. If you watch, we see that the Scarecrow, the one closest to the action, quickly looks in that general direction for a brief second. Some argue that if he looked that way and saw something like that going on, he surely would have gotten someone to stop it. But we still can't tell if he is looking right at that action or not. Weather if someone committed this act on camera or a bird was out for a stroll, we'll probably never know for sure.

Opinion #1: I believe that there is nothing strange going on here. I watched it on a small black and white TV and still could clearly see that it is just a large bird. As you can see, there are other fairly large birds walking around earlier in the scene, and so it is not a wonder that one happened to stray off a bit back into the woods and get caught on camera. Sure, it is more fun to believe that there is something else there, but this is surely fake. I can't believe that there are people that are still wondering if there is something else...

Opinion #2: This is not a bird! I don't see how you can get a bird out of that. What I see, is a guy putting the finishing touch on his gallows, climbing a tree, putting the rope around his neck, and jumping off the tree to his death. You can even see him swinging a bit. As for the theory of someone running off the set....well that is just plain stupid. I don't understand where these people get their ideas from. I just wish that someone will take the time to get an EXTREME close up of every frome of that area at that time so we can know the truth once and for all.


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