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Band Media

pics and video's from the Halloween show on 10-24-04

Sweet Lullaby

Leaves Of Grass


this is a practice we recorded in Sept. 2004. It includes Kory Goeken on Lead Guitar and vocals, Jeremey Stevig on rythym guitar and backing vocals, Jason Kaps on bass, and Blake Ballard on drums

Secret Agent Man

Through The Back Door

song 03

Who Loves The Sun

The Pouring Rain

Fast Enough For You

Going Down The Road

Turn Up The Radio

Troubles On The Way

No Image

Sweet Lullaby

This is a practice from march of 2005 in the church. Tracks 1-4 are Jason Kaps on piano, Jeremey Stevig on vox and guitar, and Blake Ballard on drums. Tracks 5-11 are Jason Kaps on guitar and Jeremey Stevig on piano.

Piano Intro

unfinished song

Sweet Lullaby

No Image


The Pouring Rain

Screwing Around


I Am The Walrus



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