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Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) - Bible Study DVD SALE:  40% off TV Box Sets!

(Sola gratia, Sola fide, Sola scriptura)

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"The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod believes, teaches and confesses that in Christ alone is there salvation -- by grace alone, through faith alone, on the basis of Scripture alone. To share this message with the world is the mission of the church and the reason for its existence." - Dr. Samuel Nafzger. (Dr. Nafzger's full text) The "lost and found" to find "the way" is here, if that is your choice.

You may want to read this very important "LCMS statement of beliefs", then see the Official LCMS Home Page and (LCMS FAQ).

A note on religious tolerance: We all need to better understand each other's faiths and beliefs -- religious tolerance and understanding is very important. In my Bible, St. Paul wrote:
"Colossians 4:5-6: “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”"
So, I offer a special welcome to those of different faiths, who may visit here. Thank you for stopping by.

With that said, after you have read your Bible at home, or here, (or if you are new to Bible study, may I suggest starting with Bible Notes); or some fun for children then, I hope you will enjoy the following:

It helps you to understand the Bible Timeline. and to see how the Bible is organized

Here is a wonderful Easter site from St. John's Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin. It has Easter music, art, scripture and more:
The Easter Page (I know it isn't Easter, but we should celebrate Easter everyday. As the "hokey-pokey" song says, "that's what it's all about!").

Speaking of "that's what it's all about", as I was trying to better understand the LCMS beliefs, I often asked, "what about this..., what about that...? , (This is a must see site for Lutherans).

Bible Study Lists: Fun to read.

  • 70 Most Important Events in the Bible
  • 30 Great Topical Chapters of the Bible
  • Parables of Jesus
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • Messianic Prophecies
  • Top 50 Old Testament Verses
  • Top 50 New Testament Verses
  • One Minute Overview of Salvation (Romans)
  • The Greatest Speech in the history of the World!
  • The Touch of Jesus - Read and Learn
  • Discourses of Jesus in The Gospels
  • Jesus is God: 37 references in the Bible
  • Heroes of Faith
  • God's answers to my last question
  • Last Words from 21 People in the Bible
  • Our Lord's Miracles by Blue Letter Bible

    Or Explore "What the Bible Says About..." 1000's of topics:

    Add this search to your web page

    For family issues, you may want to visit the website of LCMS Family Connection.

    The Book of Concord: *CLICK HERE FIRST*

  • The Augsburg Confession
  • Martin Luther's Small Catechism
  • Martin Luther's Large Catechism
  • The Smalcald Articles of Martin Luther
  • Treatise on the Power and Primacy of the Pope

    Search the Bible:


    Some Great Christian Links

  • Bible Tutor
  • The Christian History Tutor
  • Index to Bible Study on the Web
  • Lutherans.Net
  • Good Christian Fun and Games
  • A bunch of Luther
  • Biblical Words - Pronunciation Guide (NetMinistries)
  • Christian Self-help, Fun, Family and Other Useful Lutheran Links
  • Life of the World
  • The Three Universal Creeds
  • Bible Basics (NetMinistries)
  • My Church - Trinity - Springfield, IL
  • Crosswalk
  • Probe Ministries
  • Christianity Online
  • Over 300 "Bible Studies" here
  • Who is Jesus? from Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Daily Devotions from Concordia Publishing House
  • Weekly devotion based on the 3 year Lectionary - LCMS World Missions
  • Christian sites with good search engines

    Please visit the following: [Official LCMS Home Page]
    then see: Nationwide LCMS Congregation Locator]
    and:[Nationwide LCMS Congregation Web pages]

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