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Wassup, and welcome to da baddest biggest site on da best nba ball player in da league Larry Johnson is obviously the Knicks 2nd best player. A lot of people think that L.J. ain't the same since his back went out. I agree he's not the same he's even better. Back to the site here you will find pictures, articles, movies, and nba news on yo favorite knick L.J. I will update da website every friday so dont' forget to check out da site every week for new stuff on the best player in the league. I am working on a page on the 2nd best baller in the league Kobe Bryant, look for it to be up in the middle of June

Larry Johnson News

Many of you L.J. fans may not know this but Larry Johnson recently donated $1 million dollars for the opening of a recreational center in his hometown of of Tyler, Texas where he grew up. Talk about giving back to your community. Larry Johnson recently said that from 3 to 8pm kids are saved from the streets and here in the Rex center they can play basketball ball, do homework and anything they want. This shows that L.J. is a good role model.
Do you think now that Ewing's back, LJ will produce less?


Current Results

Larry Johnson on his role this season: "I want to be more offensive-minded. And I want to be a leader on this team, talking it up and being emotional. Last year, I was just trying to feed off guys. This year, I want guys to feed off me."

LJ celebrated after the Knicks won game 2 versus Miami.

This Is the only book out on Larry Johnson it’s called Larry Johnson: King of the Court. If you’re an LJ fan you have to read this book

When LJ gets into his "thang" there ain't no one who can stop him

A pic of L.j. just after being traded to the New York Knicks.

Larry Johnson Photo Gallery

A Great Article on Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson's critiques the most distinctive 'dos.

Larry Johnson Stats

Position: Foward


-Larry and his wife Celeste have three children, Larry Demetric, Jr., Lance and Lasani
; -Heavily involved with the United Way
-Donated $1 million for a rec center to be built near the site of the Dallas housing project where he grew up
-Boxed for five years (1978-1992) in the Police Athletic Boxing League
-Selected by his high school classmates as the Most Likely to Succeed
-Owns a hair salon in Charlotte called "6001 Hair Salons"

Larry Johnson Favorites

-Food: Pasta and Chicken; Mom's macaroni and cheese
-T.V. Show: Family Matters, BET
-Music: Rap and R&B
-Snack: Butterfingers, Buffalo Wings
-Hobbies: Working out, listening to music, hanging out with friends, watching movies

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