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Welcome Fans of Ted Neeley, Jesus Christ Superstar!!!

Thats me

This page was first put up about a dozen years ago. Although I haven't kept it current, it still contains some of my most treasured photo's of Ted and I. For the latest news on Ted, please be sure to click on the link at the bottom of my page for the latest updates. This link at the very bottom (the SuKaDe site) was created by three beautiful friends who's love and adoration of Ted exceeds no bounds!

Jesus Christ Superstar

Back in 1973, I saw Jesus Christ superstar at our local drive-in. Ted Neeley had me from that moment.

Throughout the years I collected anything I could find on Ted. I compiled a photo album of pictures I'd found in magazines or books on Ted.

When I was 17, I decided that after graduation, I was going to Ranger, TX and FIND Ted and "make him fall in love with me, and marry me". Life had a way of getting in the way of those plans. But even through college, marriage, children (not necessarily in that order) and "life in general" I carried this torch for Ted.

I finally had the honor of meeting both him and Carl Anderson in 1994 after one of their Superstar shows, in Charlotte NC. On our first meeting, when I told him of my plans at 17 to come to Ranger and find him and "make him fall in love with me", he smiled and looked into my eyes and in as serious a voice as he could muster, responded with, "Well why didn't you?". Since them I have met him after shows whenever he came within 200 miles of home. I found him to be a very kind and gracious man.

I showed him that photo album that I began in 1973 which by 1994 was packed full of Ted Neeley memorbalia, which he signed for me. Below are some pictures taken of some of our meetings. That's me and Ted, in Charlotte, NC about 1994

That is Ted and Carl looking over the photo album containing clippings, pictures and anything else I collected over the past 20 years of JCS/Ted Neeley memorbalia

Thats me and Ted. Taken about 1997 in Myrtle Beach, SC. That is my daughter Brooke standing to my right when she was about 15.

A dinner date I missed (sigh) 2005

To the right,Carl Anderson (Judas) Myrtle Beach, SC


My friend Karyn came up from Florida and we drove to Rockford, IL to see Ted January 11, 2007! Unlike previous visits with Ted, the "gestapo" was there making sure quality time was limited. So the meeting was brief - but still worth the drive. Ted was looking well and sounding fantastic! Still sends shivers down my spine to hear Gethsemene!

This homepage is dedicated to the memory of Steve Lail(1944-1998)author, poet and friend.(and a man who knew Ted and Carl "way back when") Here's to you Superstar!

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