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Charles Bernstein


Also when there were no more words and the flukey missteps of the sudden corral came to call then I just waited till queerely, as if that would make any of the difference that I wanted to defend or detonate, going agog at the beginning of the street light or disabling cap command, whaddya think of that, Mr. Know-Less-and-Less, Mr. Sunshine-Till-Your-Mother-Feels-Finer and cooler and taller and way above any of the suynhy climbs up a mountain, father dear what have to fear? Awash awash away away the leaner grades show harbingers harder to absorb on a sunny day I've known left and right and the more I pleases neither the more I get lost in my own quagmore of salty dogs come out to riven this audiotelic treatese round the pourous company of a pain a dollar a pain a follower get in the way before you know it it it's five on a dime or two dimes a throw of the deck will never abolish privilege. Gooseberry like the main used to not say I'll be beating around the bush every time I hit a link and the sand and winde of the morning to you noteverwisewithstanding whose make these fodder eat and drink a bit more than I had any idea where you were going faster and faster the cake slides and she fall right into my esys I had a girl I had a boy give me some money down and I'll chill the ploys oh I say Johnny not so fat not to slim give a dollar till you're feeling grim. Nowhere I have traveled has that gotten to half what I wanted to say to you the other day was this: no gravelox unless the cable is prearranged to intersect with the house organ. And if it should ever come to more than a life of beans of rice than call me and I'll be sure to note in in my book, I keep track of things like that. Notions likes the fan in on high and all the rest. Rest give me rest or I will salt away the years in unremitting leers

Copyright 1999 by Charles Bernstein

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