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save your KMR labels

If you use KMR, please consider saving the labels and sending them to the address below. They help pay for medical expenses for Bazil, an18-month-old special needs kitty.

Info from Angela:
Bazil was hand raised from a few days old. At weaning age we noticed that something was wrong. After months and months of every test possible, even a risky surgery, we found out that Bazil has a neurological disorder which causes both physical/behavior problems; the main one is that he has to be on a 100% liquid diet for life. Even just one bite of the softest food will cause him to get sick every time. At eighteen months old, Bazil is doing pretty good for all he goes through. Bazil is a very happy, playful kitten but is a lot of work and his care can be costly! Through the company that puts out KMR I am able to collect KMR kitten formula labels and it helps me get formula for him, which is really helping me out with him. Bazil at times can be more then I handle and afford, but he is also part of the family so I will always make sure he receives the care he needs. Bazil is a wonderful kitty, just a big mama's boy! Please feel free to e-mail me or contact me through my address below.

Please send your labels to:

700 S.E 5TH Ave. Apt. G105
Canby, Oregon 97013

Bazil right after his surgery:

Bazil as a kitten:

Bazil camping:

Bazil with his sister Keisha: