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Welcome to my world!

Please stay tuned to this page for I will be making several additions within the coming months. I hope to soon have a palindrome page and to publish some of my original literary pieces. Also, I am currently plotting a Beatles page which shall delight and entertain all. Oh yes, as a special note, due to some confusion, I must note here that, if you should happen to become troubled by the big red button, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the screen!

Here's my Beatles page, with a twist!

Check out some of my favorite literature.

Do you dare venture into my page that answers the question: How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

Please take a look at one of my newest additions and create your own story

You must see my Cheese All Over the World Page!

Check out my parody of The Hampster Dance, The South Park Dance!

Visit the Yoda sing-along page

Go to the musical MMM parody.

Visit the Teen Idol Page, made for my Mom.

See my page of links

Here's a report that I did on Robert Koch

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