Oswald -- The Man Johnson Hired
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Lee Harvey Oswald -- The Man Johnson Hired

Why did Johnson hire Oswald? Johnson, as Vice-president, knew of Oswald's great military background and knew of his snipper ability. Johnson also, with his Texas "buddies" knew, or found out, that this man had a grudge on JFK, Oswald was mad at JFK's policy and treatment of Castro and Communist Cuba. And last but not least, they found out that he worked in a large warehouse along the "modified" route that JFK was going to take on November 22, 1963 in Dallas. Who modified this route? Johnson and his buddies. Johnson covered for Oswald and had Ruby kill him so there was no chance of Oswald leaking information on Johnson. Johnson knew Ruby was dying, and that is what he did a few years later, in a Texas prison.