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My Page Dedicated to Jello.


"Jello" Copyright 1998 Andy Looney
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Jello Poetry

"The Jello On My Fork"
By Corn Syrup

It sits there,
the jello on my fork.
My fork holds the jello like a new born
the jello on my fork

The jello explores the forks many curves,
the jello is content.
But it deserves better.
The jello on my fork.

Sliding through the teeth,
the jello escapes the metal
and lands in the bowl it first came from.
The jello in the bowl.

The fork is lonely,
and seeks another companion.
And dives in to the depths.
After a few seconds it finds a red dream.

The fork cradles its catch.
The jello is happy.
The fork is happy.
The jello on my fork.

"Ode To Jell-O"
By Vance Lassey

If I could eat Jell-O all day long,
Iíd be a happy guy.
Living on Jell-O can't be wrong,
And without it I would cry.

Iíd like to eat Jell-O throughout the day,
Over studying and straining my neck.
Iíd like to get Jell-O as my pay,
Instead of a boring paycheck.

Jell-O has many forms-I love them all
Especially when topped with cool-whip.
It can be made right at home or bought at the mall,
And thereís a recipe for jalapeno Jell-O chip dip.

Jell-O makes me happy, maybe like a drug,
Plain Jell-O-made in my sink.
But some add hooch to it, and make it a slug
Ironic, donít you think?

I could eat Jell-O throughout the night,
I think Jell-O was in Momís womb.
A world with no Jell-O- thereís a fright.
That would bring imminent doom.

They say Vitamins are what you need,
If you donít want to die.
Since Jell-O has few, Iím in trouble indeed,
And I wanted to say good-bye.

As I lay here, on my death bed,
I am a happy dude.
"Why?" you ask-"are you screwed in the head?"
Nope, Jell-O is Hospital food.

By Sarah Freeman

Perched upon a platter,
contemplating its consumption,
Awaits the radiant glow,
Of a forlorn ooze.

Coated in Kool Whip,
Neighboring putrid leftovers,
I swindle my tasty treasure,
Piercing its sparse skin.

Exploring my forks many curves,
With a jostle, wobble, shake, and twitch,
A kaleidoscopic cuisine,
In a fragile mold.

Q: Why don't blonds eat Jello?
A: They can't figure out how to get two cups of water into those little packages.

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