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Hey all, welcome to my nightmare!!       <-- As this is my life right now, you will have to bear with me, I dont have too much time to add things.


 Anyway, let me tell u a little about myself, Im 43, married, with one precious little daughter, Kimber Marie, one tough guy son,and one big bad baby, namely a Corvette Yellow 70 Nova. Pics, and a quiz will follow, so pay attention...... anyway, Im an Engineer in the glass bottle industry, so every time you drink alcohol out of that bottle, bow down , cause I'm the one that makes it possible!!!!!!  lol, j/k, but I do my fair share!
   Kimbers first ride!     My Little Baby!     Ah, after 14 hrs,        Donald Cavan!            Just like Dad!!!
                                                                 time for a Bud!!


  Pics of the Nova...... New Pics 9/4/98!
My attempt at Converting the Nova to EFI!, Note: will be under construction for some time. First passes, 11/10/99!
  Julio Don's SUPERCHARGED 70 Camaro. Beautiful car, but Don really needs EFI!! HEHE
  Chad Byer's SUPERCHARGED 78 Nova. Beautiful car, Follow along as Chad gets his ATI Procharger working or returned!

  HeHe! Another really cool YELLOW Nova! Chevystrokers page, Nice car, Nicer people! Enjoy!

  For Gearheads ONLY!!!!! (Car links!)

  Chat Room, though nobodys home...

  Since Im a list Moderator, I figured I better give the " other guys " equal time! Check out the Serpents Lair............

 Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages

 Go here's my sweets gINA's page, a woman, and her CAMARO!, life is good!
 Welcome to the Wonderful World of Oz, Timberwolves, and Lions and Bears, Oh My!

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