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October 7, 1999

My life is so much more different than it was in college, when I was a carefree woman with no major stresses or responsibilities.   And I only graduated four months ago.  Hell, I really did evolve.

I'll tell you why.  For my history, see "excepts," which is a collection of journal entries I've written for the past year or so.  Keep in mind that it's only a select list of my favorate entries...entries I thought best expressed myself.  If you've never read my journal before, or you don't know my history, then you should read the excerpts before you read the following.

Anyways, the personal "crisis" I was referring to in the last entry--four months ago--was the fact that I got pregnant.  I panicked because I was scared and I thought that it was happening too soon in my life.  I was about to graduate college and was still unprepared and undecided in certain life decisions.  I couldn't fathom how I could support another human being when I didn't know how to support myself.

So, what did I do?  I discussed things which the father, who is the most understanding and unselfish man in my world--and for that, I am extremely grateful.  We discussed our options, stressed ourselves out, discussed some more, and made some decisions.

And today, in a nutshell, I'm happily married and expecting the birth of my daughter in the first week of next year.  (Yeah, a millenium baby.  Talk about wild.)  I'm also working full time (in a job I enjoy immensely) in the gerontology field.  Things aren't going exactly the way I had planned for after graduation.  For instance, I had planned to enjoy the single life, take it easy with work, and concentrate on graduate school--now I'm a working, married, soon-to-be-mom.  But hey, who says things have to always go by a plan?  Sometimes unexpected things work out for the better.

With that putting this journal on a loooong hiatus.  I'm too busy right now to keep up with it, and I don't have a PC at home...that's why I haven't updated for months.  So for now, I'm done with e v o l v e -- although I might continue or restart it again someday.  Just keep an eye out for me.  Til then...see you soon (hopefully).


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