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"Unless you expect the unexpected, you'll never find the truth." -- Hericlitus c.544-483 BC
Geocosmic Sphere


is a biological view of the world. Heaven and earth are a giant-cell-organism. Results of research in all areas of science prove the reality of the inside world. All the ancient, educated nations handed down this natural concept of the cosmos. It was known as the heaven and earth of the Bible with the celestial sphere high up in the center of the world. It was also known as the world-egg of the Brahmans, as well as the idea of the world, which the old Nordic nations believed.

Information about proofs and exact facts on measurements can be obtained from:

Cosmic Research Institute
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ROSEBURG OR 97470-0438

In the center of the world is found the celestial sphere (hollow) and inside of it, the (spiritual) intellectual core of the universe. The firm, strong shell of the celestial globe envelopes valuable organs. The nucleus of a cell is a miniature picture of it. For all men this heavenly firmament is high above, upwards and to this spiritual center of God the believers direct their prayers. The celestial sphere is so to speak the head of the world.

On the outside shine the fixed stars. They are radiating points of light on the surface of the firm celestial shell. Around the celestial sphere wander the planets. They are, with respect to the celestial globe, small hollow spheres, but also live, giant cells, which carry an organic content slowly to the earth in a spiral and by a long lasting maturing process.

The dotted line around the celestial sphere represents the zodiac which is also the path of the sun. In the electromagnetic field of the inside world the zodiac is a physical reality, the energy of which is radiated to the earth partly as light and heat through the resonating body of the sun (the sun is a hollow sphere with contents). The curved white lines indicate the propagating path of light. Light is an electromagnetic oscillation and follows the laws of the electromagnetic field in its propagation.

This results in day and night and shows in the picture as the dark and bright half of the earth. The sun is shown (see the starting point of the radiation) at the tropic of cancer and radiates at close distance the northern hemisphere of the inside (concave) world. Therefore at this place there is summer and the polar regions have 24 hours of sunlight. At the same time there is winter night at the south pole.

The inside surface of this cosmic, giant hollow sphere is our earth surface on which people, animals and plants live.

The diameter of the concave world amounts to 12 750 km (8 000 mi.) and the circumference is 40 000 km (25 000 mi.).

What is outside of this our world nobody can say with certainty. Here are a few conjectures. According to the behavior of earthquake waves it is to be assumed that the earth's shell is about 50-150 km (30-95 mi.) thick. What lies beyond this is only known to the Creator of this world. It is to be supposed that outside our sphere of life there is a condition not to be tolerated by living beings. Life is always on the inside. From the inside come the powers of life and growth. By a logical conclusion everything that is hostile to life must be on the outside and matter must be dissolved into basic substances. The energy thus liberated is again absorbed by the concave world and utilized for the construction of matter and organic things. In accordance with this, all religions teach that beneath our feet is the underworld, darkness and absence of God.

Do you want to know why this biological concept of the world is not joyously received as new knowledge? It does not only agree with the faith of each of the great religions, but is also scientifically founded and exactly defined. We ask in return, whether ever in human history any basic knowledge and innovations have been accepted immediately? You know the answer yourself. Any truth does not exist for man as long as he has not recognized it.

How about you? Are you ready to take the trouble to check the new facts and truths and acknowledge them? It depends on you, on each responsible, individual person, man or woman, whether a good idea will find recognition and promotion. It is not the task of science to spread new ideas but only to teach that which is proven and improve it.

To answer the question whether the earth is a concave (hollow) sphere or a convex (solid) ball, the surface of the earth was tested for its sense of curvature, and it was found that the earth is a hollow sphere on the inside of which we live. In this connection it had to be checked whether a light beam is really mathematically straight or whether it is a curved line. The measurements showed that there is no straight light beam.

That in spite of all this, men were able to use the world model of modern astronomy and calculate the correct path to the moon and to the planets proves that it is a functioning mathematical model which correctly describes the cosmic reality using mathematical tools. Vision or seeing is a perception of the senses and actually the most important one for man in order to orient himself and for recognition. You should observe a baby in order to understand how difficult it is at first to literally understand what is being seen. Great difficulties even remain for an adult in judging what he sees in the distance, in the height and in the depth. Only experience can teach you. Can a reasonable person assume he understands (perceives and recognizes) if he sees a photo of earth from a distance of 200 - 300 km (125 - 180 mi.) altitude or even a photo of the earth taken from the moon?

Optical phenomena, such as the horizon, or a photograph of the disk of the earth from the moon, need a scientific interpretation from an expert in the field of optics. The physicist, W. Braun, has shown in a scientific paper on the subject of seeing in space, using the laws of optics, how the phenomenon of a "photograph of the earth ball" originates, and how this is interpreted when we know about the hollow sphere nature of earth. No scientist of renown has yet maintained, that the full shape of a sphere of the earth has been proven by a photograph from space or by using the phenomenon of the horizon. Professor Roman Sexl, from the Institute of Physics of the University of Vienna, Austria, has confirmed that it is mathematically impossible to disprove the statements of the physicist W. Braun.

If you are interested to find out more information and facts on this fascinating subject pertaining to all areas of life and science, please follow the links and/or consult the contacts below.

Flyer by Helmut I. Diehl   Translated by J. H. Tonn

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(Updated November 25, 2001)