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Nintendo's Project Dolphin


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What is the dolphin? Project Dolphin is the codename for the next Nintendo console to be release late 2000 or early 2001 Dolphin is being created by Nintendo, ArtX, IBM and Matsushita. ArtX is doing the graphics chip for Dolphin. IBM isdoing the main CPU processor. Matsushita is doing the DVD drive.

May 12, 1999 at a Nintendo held press conference in Los Angeles -- just one day before the beginning of E3 '99. The company announced the next-generation console's codename, business partners, development partners and released a brief summary of official system specs. Nintendo of America chairman Howard Lincoln delivered a confident speech regarding the future game machine

Nintendo of America VP, George Harrison has stated that the $199.95 is the most probable price that Nintendo will price the Dolphin at to reach the mass markets.


Official Dolphin Release

Nintendo has confirmed that they will release the Dolphin by the end of 2000.


Nintendo still plans to release Dolphin and GBA this year.

Today I received an e-mail from Nintendo and they re-affirmed their plans to launch Game Boy Advance and Dolphin this year. The following quote is directly from a NOA employee.

"All I know is both are supposed to be awesome (and released this year) and until I see or hear otherwise I'll believe that."

Source Nintendo Dolphin News Page


The Game Boy Advance may make an apperance for the first time, with a showing likely at E3.More as the story develops......

***System Comparison***


  • Official Specs

    CPU: IBM Gekko Processor (an extension of the IBM Power PC architecture)

    System Clock: 400 MHz

    System Memory: High-speed RAM technology

    Memory Bus Bandwidth: 3.2 GB/second Semiconductor Process 0.18 Micron Copper Technology

    Graphics: Custom Chip designed by ArtX, Inc. of Palo Alto, CA

  • Clock Speed: 200MHz
  • Semiconductor Processor 0.18 Micron embedded DRAM technology
  • Maximum Polygon Rate: N/A

    Software Medium: Proprietary DVD

  • Enhanced counterfeit protection
  • Maximum capacity: 4.7 GB
  • Not all of the system specifications for Dolphin have been made public, so it's impossible to say accurately. The following chart compares what we do know of Nintendo's next-generation console to the competition.

  • .....................................................................

    A list of possible games at launch


    2001 - Picassio
    2001 - Saffire (Saffire)
    2001 - Thornado


    TBA - Batman
    TBA - Legend of Zelda game
    TBA - Mario Kart
    TBA - Mickey's Adventure
    TBA - MTV Music Generator
    TBA - Super Mario game

    Confirmed Devlopers (as far as I know)

    Possible Developers





    Dolphin Net

    Dolphin Reality

    Dolphin Universe

    Game Fusion's Dolphin Cove


    Nintendo Dolphin

    Nintendo Dolphin Forever



    Project N Home

    Saad's Nintendo Dolphin Page


    Nintendo Heaven

    Here are some pics of what the system is rumored to look right**they might be real might not be**



    !!!!! Game Boy Advanced Official Prototype !!!!!



    Here are some rumors (most likely they are just that )


  • The rumors about the controller consist of the contoller is wireless with 2 analog sticks and has some sort of force feedback. An infrared emitter for possibility of the controller being wireless and maybe use as a light gun
  • A gameboy cartridge slot for playing of gameboy games. (Almost a definate feature of the new system whether it is on the controler or on the console itself).
  • 64DD Might just support both the N64 and Dolphin (this is very unlikely due to the dd is doing teribly in japan and isn't even coming to the us for the 64)
  • Rare is developing a game code named Dino Planet "solely for N64", not Dolphin. It's apparently an action adventure game in the style of Zelda, with Dinosaurs.
  • Nintendo will have an advanced networking system between Dolphin, other dolphins and gba. You'll be able to download games, play online games, download special updates, etc. 32 people will be able to connect at a time. (8 machines, 4 players each) The network will be established and fully able 6 months after dolphin's launch.( this is possible)
  • Rumor has it, a new Zelda title will be released for both GameBoy Advance, and Dolphin coinciding. They will interact. It will be around 5 years until they are out. But Miyamoto is working on it (on the drawing board) already.