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Jairo was 13 years old, and had an inquisitive mentality. In a library, he discovered an old book on Voodoo. He found it to be very interesting. Was it true that those cloth dolls really could have power over people? The book said that in order to get really good results, the doll must have something of the person it would be representing.

Skillfully, Jairo sewed together two dolls, all the while reciting phrases from the book. On the first doll, he placed a tuft of hair from his older sister, Marina. As he thought about his intended victim, he punched the doll's clothes with a needle, choosing to save the more horrendous points for later.

With razor sharp pins, he stuck the doll of his sister and she cried out in pain. As he began to realize the doll's full potential, he smiled. He imagined how much fun he could have with these.

Suddenly, it felt as if his arm was tearing. He ran back to his room, looking for the other doll. On the doll, he spotted a drop of his own blood which had fallen when he accidently pricked his own finger. He was the second doll! He didn't have much time. Nero, the family's German Shepard had already discovered the new toy. The dog would never realize that each bite to the doll was killing his master.

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Translated by DiRT

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