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Priscila was a pretty young girl, although she was extremely perverse and Machiavellian. She was a member of a dark council that ran a monthly ritual in the city of Sumaro and, in general, they sacrificed little children that Priscila helped to abduct. During these rituals, Satan settles into her body and she speaks in the voice of Satan, determining who would be sacrificed.

At the end of the month, Satan asked for something different. Instead of an innocent children, Satan wanted the prettiest girl in the city. Satan's subjects and followers were stunned. Priscila cried out: "Haven't you heard his voice? Satan wants the prettiest girl in the city. Obey him!" Suddenly, Satan's followers move in on Priscila, chaining her to the sacrificial altar. Priscila cries out, but it is too late. Priscila was the prettiest girl in the city.

Copyright 1998 Josť Mojica Marins
Translated by DiRT

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