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The Brain

Enrique was a strong man, the son of a couple of scientists obsessed with turning him into a super-genius. First, the father fed the brains of animals to his son, and Enrique became smarter. In a fit of madness, Enrique's father decides to give his son a better food, human brains! Employees of the family lab start to disappear... The deaths continue for months...

Enrique becomes addicted to human brains... His father eventually succombed to old age and died, but his mother continued his work... One rainy night, Enrique was in the house with his mother and his fiance... The diabolical addiction was stronger than love, and he gestured toward his mother before going out, leaving the two women alone... The hours pass... Enrique comes back to the house, and it seems as if no one is home; although, his supper is waiting on the table... The chuncks of meat are still hot... Enrique can not withstand the temptation, and devours the supper...

Suddenly, his fiance appears in front of him with an axe in her hands... Everything starts to make sense to the genuis Enrique. He finishes eating the brains of his mother... As he felt the axe crashing into his skull, Enrique knew that the work would continue; His fiance would be his successor!

Copyright 1998 Josť Mojica Marins
Translated by DiRT

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