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Jorge was an archeologist who loved his job. From an excursion to Africa he brought a macabre souvenir: a shrunken and stuffed head, that, as he was told, belonged to a powerful wizard. His wife and his two young sons didn't like the idea of having in their house something so frightening. But Jorge promised he would keep it in his office, where only he would go in, after all. A few days later the archeologist, appreciating the details of that strange object, realized it glowed. Suddenly he was no longer in his office. He was in the living room of his house. His hands were drenched with blood. His vision seemed to trick him. His wife and children were killed, stabbed with a knife. Before he could understand, the police broke his door open. Witnesses invaded his house, accusing him of having murdered those who he loved so. That head didn't belong to a wizard, but to a convicted criminal. A conviction that couldn't put apart from his body his evil vocation.

Copyright 1998 Josť Mojica Marins
Translated by Fernando Leal

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