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La Esquina del Dolor...

This is a lucha libre / wrestling page, made to keep an eye in mexican lucha, and most important, in its luchadores, wheter they work in Mexico, or outside of it... not only mexican born luchadores will be present in this page, but any foreing wrestler who has made an impact in the local scene


What is lucha libre?
Wrestling was introduced in Mexico more than 60 years ago by american wrestlers, soon, mexican wrestlers emerged and the sport adapted to the county's culture and physical characteristics of its people, and thus, Lucha Libre was born. The Lucha style is more acrobatic and 'choreographed' than the US wrestling, mexican 'luchadores' combine olympic, amateur and greco-roman style wrestling, with acrobatics, martial arts and regular 'wrestling'.

What about the masks?
The masks were also introduced in Mexico by american wrestlers, but unlike in the US, in Mexico the mask became HUGE. I could go to do an anthropologyst impersonation and said they come from the aztecs or something, but I'm not an anthropologyst and I don't think the masks are related in any way to that aspect, or at least not very importantly related.

More on this here


Reports about the last cards shown in tv shows, the date in the reports are of the day it was broadcasted in Mexico, a week or so later, these shows should be broadcasted in Galavision, but there is no way to say they would be the same, as sometimes they are edited.Anyone with Galavision, might want to avoid reading this as they might turn out as spoilers.

November 14 and 21 1999
AAA: Head Hunters and Apache vs Sevilla chain match! CMLL: Lyger in Mexico!! (NOTE: the combined time for the Nov/21 shows was 40 minutes) Recap

November 6 1999
AAA: Head Hunters, El Oriental, Pirata Morgan! CMLL: Blue Panther and Wagner trash Negro around... Recap

October 31 1999
AAA: Noche del Terror CMLL:Negro's anniversary match. Recap

October 24 1999
AAA: Vipers LLL vs Vipers AAA!!! CMLL:Superporky vs Capos and Boricuas. Recap F

October 17 1999
AAA: Vipers LLL vs Vipers AAA!!! CMLL: Rayo, Tinieblas jr, Dinamitas, yuck!! Recap

October 10 1999
AAA: Vipers LLL vs Vipers AAA!!! CMLL: Negro, Atlantis, Wagner, Shocker!! Recap

September 26, October 3 1999
AAA: Verano de Escandalo 99!!! CMLL: 66 anniversay show + Oct 1 show. Recap

September 19, 1999
AAA: Jaque Mate and Kick Boxer destroy Heavy Metal and Octagon CMLL: Negro and Santito vs Wagner and Panther for the CMLL tag titles!!! Recap

September 12, 1999
AAA: Vipers vs Vipers!!! CMLL: Negro and Santito vs Wagner and Panther!!! Recap

September 5, 1999
AAA: Vipers vs Vipers!!! CMLL: Santito vs Wagner!!! Recap
PLUS: Rey Bucanero losing his mask!!!! Ruleta de la Muerte II

August 29 1999
AAA: The crowd chants Tirantes!!!!!!!!!! CMLL: No more Mr iwrg Niebla, but now... MR Mexico!!! Recap

August 22 1999
AAA: Vipers' split!!!!!!!!!!! CMLL: No more Mr **** Niebla!!!!! Recap

August 15 1999
AAA:From Tampico rudo fest. CMLL: Scorpio jr and Bestia Salvaje 'joining el sindicato'? Recap

August 8 1999
AAA:From Monterrey, cage-hair/mask match!! CMLL: Silva and Kurrgan return... Recap

July 25, August 1st 1999
AAA: Latin Lover brings chaos to los Vipers!!! Felino vs Kickboxer at Torreon!!! CMLL:Shocker vs Mr Niebla Mano a Mano!!!!! Recap

July 18, 1999
AAA: Spice Boys go against the Vipers!!!! CMLL:Shocker first match as Rudo!!! Recap

July 8-11, 1999
AAA: More on Perro Aguayo's retirement... CMLL:Mr Niebla vs Mr Niebla???? Recap
IWRG: Tourney to produce a challenger to Pierroth's IWRG Title!!!! Recap

July 4, 1999
AAA: Vatos Locos going tecnicos??? CMLL:Mr Niebla vs Mr Niebla???? Recap
June 27 1999
AAA: AAAmania VII part 2, CMLL Silva vs Kurgan. Recap

June 06, 13 and 20,1999
AAA: Cholos, Payasos, Vatos, Vipers, Perro AAAmania!! CMLL: Kurgan and Silva, Shocker and Wagner back in Mexico... 06 13 20

IWRG Recaps

May 27,1999
AAA: Hector Garza on AAA!!!! CMLL: Kurgan debuts... Zumbido vs Negro Casas...
Recap here
May 20-23,1999
AAA-CMLL-IWRG: Title bouts and Hair/mask matches on all promos!!!!
Recap here
May 16,1999(May recaps)
AAA.- Heavy Metal vs Kick Boxer in a bullterrier match. CMLL.- The Great Sasuke + 10 men Cibernetico tag match!!!!!
Recap here
April 25, 1999
AAA.- Texano attacks Perro, + two Vatos Locos matches! CMLL.- Rayo de Jalisco returns!-- Besides: SANTITO UNMASKED!!!!
Recap here
Previous months reports...(updated July 21)

Past recaps, including month's recaps here

Misellaneous Reports

Mexican PPV here

ED's In my house-- Reports on local lucha cards (AAA) from Torreon.UPDATED APRIL 5!!!TINIEBLAS VS MEDICO ASESINO JR MASKS VS MASKS!!!! Here

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ED's---Did you know.... Santo lost his first match when he was DQed by 'exceso de rudezas' (beating opponent too much)?


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This page is done to honor mainly the hard working mexican luchadores, who seem to be underappreciated by most...

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