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AAA from San Luis Potosi, taped March 31 (?). Announcers: Zuņiga, Rivera and Maroņas. -- The show starts with Texano and Baby Face talking to the camera saying they're not AAA members, that AAA only has dancers and clowns and that Perro Aguayo is very old.

*** Ku Klux Klan, Nemesis and Mohicano vs Centella Inca, Aracnofobia and Crazzy Boy.- A mix of local guys and AAA workers, hmmm, I think Mohicano is the only AAA regular. This is a 3 fall match, although they had said that all of the undercards matches would be 1 fall bouts, I think they've changed their minds and now only the ladies go to 1 fall matches.

1.- Rudo brawl, Mohicano and Aracnofobia are the only workers on the ring, Mohicano hits a Jaguar face slam (?), then a back body drop, foot stomp, Nemesis takes Crazzy Boy to the ring, bodyslam, diving elbow drop from the top rope, frankensteiner... Mohicano hits a senton and pins Centella Inca, Nemesis with a fireman carry slam on Crazy Boy, then a moonsault from the ttb (Crazy Boy was in the center of the ring so Nemesis flied to get there!). The first fall is awarded to the rudo team.

2.- Rudos continue on command, then a crowd shot, which means 'edited stuff' and Nemesis whips Crazy Boy to a corner, but then misses a corner knee splash so goes out of the ring in Ultimo Guerrero's fashion, Crazy Boy with a baseball slide, the rudo ducks, both of them are on the floor, Boy charges, Nemesis throws him to the ring but the tecnico counters with flying headscissors, the tecnicos have balanced the fall... Centella Inca is now juicing and faces KKK, the rudo hits a whip to a corner and dropkicks but misses on a second try, so Centella punishes him with a back body drop and a quebradora con giro, KKK charges but the tecnico side steps and the rudo goes out of the ring as Aracnofobia and Mohicano are tagged in: Aracnofobia delivers some armdrags and a couple of 'quebradora con helicoptero', then the tecnicos take the second fall with one of those goofy team submission moves in which everyone is on a corner but the referees don't consider the 'break for ropes' rule. (See recent IWRG recaps).

3.- The rudos re-established the brawl ganging up on Centella and doing a series of hot tags, they put him into a 'la carreta' variation, and as usual, the tecnicos make the comeback from there with some brawling, later, Crazy Boy back body drops KKK to the floor, Boy teases a tope, and then decks KKK with second rope quebrada! Nemesis follows with a running tornillo plancha, then Aracnofobia with a weak tope suicida, Centella assist Mohicano into a back body drop plancha and the train wreck ends with a plancha from the ttb from Centella Inca onto everyone. KKK and Centella made it back to the ring but a bald guy (a local enemy to Centella, I guess) trips the tecnico and Tropicasas declares the DQ.

Good match for what it was, this was waaaay better than seeing another Perro vs Cobarde match. The ending was too local oriented, as they obviously played an angle for their regular house shows there, my bet is that AAA was not going to air this match, but it turned to be good enough to give the kids some spotlights.

*** Las Brujas: Miss Janeth, Xochitl Hamada and Vicky Carranza vs Las Hermanas Moreno: Alda, Cynthia and Rossy.- This is Vicky Carranza debut as on of the Brujas, on the other side, I think this is the first time Alda, Cynthia and Rossy are together as a team. The rumors about Cynthia returning to the mat surfaced since September 1998, Cynthia was retired at the time, but the women's division from AAA gained some popularity so many older ladies are returning...

-- The Moreno sisters arrive to the ring using kimonos this time, instead of the Aztec ornamental stuff, Rossy and Xochitl start fighting while they're being introduced as team captains. Ruda brawling to start the match, besides wearing the kimonos, the Moreno sisters were using oriental style hairdo (sp?), so that included some of those little wood sticks... which Vicky used to punish the tecnicas a little. Miss Janeth hits her partners with double missile kicks when the tecnicas ducked, so it's payback time for the Moreno family. (Edit forward) Cynthia and Alda hit dropkicks on Janeth and Carranza, who end on the floor so Cynthia delivers a tope suicida (well, it was really a plancha) and Alda nails Janeth with a somersault plancha. The sisters take the rudas back to the ring so they can deliver their triple frankensteiners to get a 2 count, Vicky and Hamada leave the ring, Rossy hits a hairpulling face to the mat slam on Janeth, Miss Janeth is whipped to a corner, but climbs to the second turnbuckle and delivers a diving heel kick, but Cynthia makes the save, Hamada is tagged in, she lifts Rossy by the legs so Miss Janeth delivers missile kicks (spiked half powerbomb?). Rossy recovers and takes Hamada to a corner to deliver a superflex, Cynthia and Alda hit diving headbutts... Xochitl goes out of the ring and the Moreno sisters start working on Miss Janeth, Alda connects a couple of somersault planchas from the ttb, Cynthia gives Janeth ttb double foot stomp, then the three sisters hit stomps on Miss Janeth! Vicky and Hamada had to make several saves there, Miss Janeth counters flying headscissors from Alda into a backdrop, chaos breaks lose as all of the ladies end up on the ring, Vicky and Janeth whip Cynthia and Alda to opposing corners, but then missed corner spears and went to the floor, so Alda and Cynthia could deliver ttb to the floor planchas... Xochitl and Rossy fight a while, Tropicasas is distracted seeing what's going on out of the ring, Rossy places Hamada on the ttb to do a reverse suplex, but Vicky gets a steel chair and nails Rossy, placing Hamada on top of her for the 3 count, as the Brujas win the match. During the announcing of the next match, they said that Miss Janeth had to be taken to be checked by the doctor, as she might have gotten a broken cheek bone, I think she's OK, or else they would have said something at NOTIAAA

After some years with no action, Cynthia did OK here, she can't be at the same rhythm than the rest of her sisters, but she was not particularly bad. The match served well in the establishment of Vicky Carranza as member of the Brujas team, but I'm still not buying it...


--Tirantes challenges Tropicasas to a Heavy Metal vs Kick Boxer double hair vs hair/mask match! I guess this could be AAAmania main event unless they make another Perro thing.
-- R15 and Cuerno de Chivo have join Apache to 'hunt' Oscar Sevilla's hair.
-- The week before this, las Brujas went off character and said that they're sorry for Esther's and Sujei's injuries. Thist time the Moreno sisters said they're surprised by the Brujas attitude and that they meant it...
-- They introduced Axxxel as one of the members (maybe) of the Spice Boys (a stripper gimmick atomicos team, I suppose). Axxxel is Rudy Guzman's grandson.

*** Cibernetico vs Canek Chain Match.- A follow up from the Rey de Reyes angle, I expect to see this feud running its way thru the end of the year. Now that Abismo Negro is not the same of old times, Cibernetico has to carry the Vipers more than ever... the real loser here is Pentagon, who won't get anywhere with his tag team.

-- Canek comes out dressed as Cibernetico, he takes off the mask and sets it on fire! Later Cibernetico arrives and they're chained, Cibernetico goes for a steel chair and decks Canek, then goes to rip his mask. Arturo Rivera said that Cibernetico used estheroids... ?!!?!?!? Cibernetico keeps beating the crap out of Canek, who started bleeding, there was a quite audible 'Vipers' chant. Ciber goes for the first turnbuckle, but Canek pulls him off and goes on offense, with some chair shots and stuff, Cibernetico is juicing as well, the match goes on with Canek on command punishing Cibernetico until a fat guy with no mask comes out, Ciber low blows Canek and the fat guy (called monster Viper) delivers a fat plancha so Ciber can take the match.

*** Kick Boxers, Antonio Silva, Box Thai and Carlos Gutierrez vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Heavy Metal, Mascara Sagrada jr and Parka jr.- Revenge Cage match (from AAA's Rey de Reyes).

-- The battle opens with the usual punches and kicks, Perrito is the first to try to escape a couple of times, but he couldn't, Box Thai goes out of the cage first. Next out is Parka Jr. Perro with a third attempt... but to no avail! They keep fighting, Kick Boxer escapes. Next, Mascara jr and Heavy Metal escape after a couple of powerbombs. But Perrito is out numbered by Silva and Gutierrez, both of them try to climb out of the cage but Perrito manages to stop Gutierrez, Gutierrez starts working on Perrito's right leg, but the tecnico recovers and applied a powerbomb, it looked as if he could have escaped there, but he tried the double stomp from the ttb, but missed as Gutierrez rolled away, so Perrito starts selling leg injury big time and Gutierrez keeps punishing it for some time, until he decides to leave the cage, giving the victory to his team.

Post-- Vatos Locos get to the ringside area and said that the Kickboxers were not good, and that they'd won because they had fought 'seņoritas', and that the atomicos champs and 'Amos del escandalo' were the Vatos Locos, the Juniors fought with the Vatos for a long time, very loooong time.

CMLL, from Arena Coliseo, taped April 13 and 16. Announcers: Magadan, Morales and LLaņes.
*** Blue Panther, Dr Wagner jr and Scorpio jr vs Negro Casas, Ringo Mendoza and Emilio Charles jr.-Funny thing, the three tecnicos are using virtually the same gimmick!! Replace Mendoza with Perro Aguayo and you have the ultimate trio team!! (I've just seen the Wagner/Kanemoto vs Takaiwa/Otani match and now I think that Negro Casas believes he is Japanese, not sure about Ringo and Charles.).

1.- Negro takes down Scorpio jr, uses a headlock, but the rudo counters with an armbar, then an armbar twisted into a whip-slam, Negro kicks Scorpio's chest to be released... Wagner vs Charles: the rudo hits some kicks and slaps, Charles reverses a whip and goes for a back body drop, but Wagner stops and pulls Charles' hair down to slam him to the mat, Charles hits a sunset flip, but Wagner avoids going down, and tries to punch Emilio, but hits the mat instead. Charles tries a 'catapulta' but he blows that at first, they manage to compose the move and perform it, so Charles can put Dr Wagner into an armbar, but Panther makes the save... so Mendoza enters, they trade some slaps and Ringo does a quebradora con giro. Negro with a couple of shoulderblocks on Scorpio jr, but the rudo doesn't care... another attempt, but Scorpio nails Negro with a clothesline, then, out of nowhere, Negro hits a reverse DDT and has Scorpio ready for the 3 count but Panther enters, he doesn't make the save because Ringo puts him into 'la mezcaleņa' (Universal), Wagner runs away from Charles jr.

2.- Dr Wagner jr and Emilio Charles jr start the second fall trading some slaps, Wagner tells Emilio 'lets go down there...' so they leave the ring to continue the slapping, Wagner ask Charles to go back up, so they return to the ring, more slaps exchanging, finally, Wagner said it was enough and dropped back... Charles slapped the mat three times to make the rudos believe it was the referee doing so... Ringo is tagged in, Blue Panther goes on to face him... Ringo takes advantage with a back body drop, a patada a la filomena and some punches, but the rudo uses a single leg takedown and starts punching Ringo's face as well as biting him!! So it is a rudo brawl stage now, as Scorpio and Wagner jump on their arch-foes. The beat down goes on all over the place, soon, Ringo Mendoza is bleeding, while Scorpio and Wagner take Casas and Charles to the floor and slam them to the chairs... The rudos take this fall.

3.- The early part of this fall had the same rudo brawling, continued from the second. Very soon, the tecnicos react, so they started with some tecnico brawling, Ringo unlaced Blue Panther's mask, then did a 'catapulta' but Panther rolled out of it and clotheslined Ringo, Panther went to the ttb but Mendoza dropkicked him out of the ring, before Mendoza could hint a tope or anything like that, Scorpio jr entered the ring to tackle him... Ringo goes out, and is swiftly join by Scorpio, dropkicked by Negro Casas, so it is now Wagner vs Negro, the tecnico throws some kicks at the 'Galeno del Mal', but Wagner intercepts Negro's leg and takes him down, Morales claimed that that was a foul, so he got into one of those funny arguments with Magadan. Negro managed to put Wagner into an armbar hold, Ringo and Panther returned to the ring, Ringo delivered a Huracanrana, but Panther countered the pin and got the match for his team!! A clean pin? Yeah, Panther kept punching Ringo's head so I thought they might reverse the result, but it didn't happened. Blue Panther asked for a title shot at Ringo Mendoza's CMLL middle weight title.

Where is this going? Did Satanico dropped the belt to Ringo Mendoza so Ringo could later drop it to Panther? Could be, but I think Blue Panther could be in the Light Heavy Weight division (Wagner is the champ there...) now. It wouldn't make sense for Ringo to lose the belt on the first defense, so I expect Ringo keeping it, they've done the same in the last months: push a feud leading to a title match, with the belt not changing hands. (Olimpico/Fuerza Guerrera, Black Warrior/Shocker, Arkangel/Astro Rey jr).

*** Match Relampago-- Tzuki vs Espectrito.- Revenge match, I bet Universo 2000 shows up here.

-- Tzuki with a second rope springboard plancha, then a couple of flying headscissors, Espectrito ended on the floor, so Tzuki climbs to the ttb and decks the rudo with a tornillo tope!! Espectrito is in better shape so he kicks Tuzki before he can re-enter the ring, Espectrito throws the tecnico into the ring with a gorilla press, then a gorilla press slam inside the ring, and a powerbomb... Tzuki is not looking good... Espectrito puts him into a romero special, Tzuki escapes the hold but is thrown out of the ring. He takes some time to regain his energy... The tecnico returns and hits one of those spinning everywhere armdrags, then tries a back body drop but Espectrito kicks him on the head, Tzuki hits some flying headscissors, sending Espectrito out of the ring, so he hits a double springboard (on the lower and middle ropes) side tornillo plancha!! Tzuiki gets to the ring and dropkicks Espectrito from the apron, so he can deliver another double springboard moonsault, they made it back to the ring, but Espectrito is using his powerhouse offense... Espectrito goes to the top to do his plancha, but Tzuki gets there and punches his face and then armdrags him down, this left Espectrito open for a plancha that was enough for Tzuki to take the match. Universo 2000 comes to the ring and attacks Tzuki, so the crowd chants for Silva, who gets there to catch Tzuki.

*** Satanico, Violencia and Rey Bucanero vs Brazo de Oro, Super Astro and Pantera.- Super Astro got a lot of cheers in his matches during the Salvador Lutherot tournament, so he gets his chance to work some more for CMLL.

1.- Satanico attacks Brazo de Oro but the tecnico counters with armdrags and a quebradora con giro, Satanico claims that there was a foul on that quebradora!! Rey Bucanero jumps on Brazo de Oro but is back body drop out of the ring... Violencia faces Super Astro, Rey Bucanero made it back to the ring and held Super Astro there, but the tecnico hit double boot to the chest on Violenica connecting with an armdrag to get rid of Bucanero, seeing that the other guys have trouble dealing with Super Astro, Satanico enters, but Super Astro pulls his comedy stuff with a second rope springboard flip, and the Parkesque jumps... Brazo de Oro hits a plancha from the top turnbuckle on Violencia, Bucanero tries to do a senton on him but Brazo moves out and Bucanero lands next to his partner, so Pantera can deliver a top rope springboard plancha on both! Brazo de Oro helps Pantera to get the 3 count, while Super Astro nails Satanico by reverse tope.

2.- At the end, it looks as if Brazo de Oro submits to the rudo brawling. The rudos worked on him for the most of the time. 3.- Rudos forget about Brazo for a while and focus on Super Astro and Pantera, then Brazo de Oro returns and is attacked by Satanico, but the tecnico makes the comeback with some slaps, Violencia goes to help Satanico but is thrown out of the ring by Brazo, so Super Astro can deck him off with a diving tope suicida! In the ring, Brazo de Oro makes Rey Bucanero bellyslide to the floor, Pantera follows by running in the apron and doing a near the cornerpost tope suicida (he entered the ring briefly). Satanico and Brazo are left in the ring, and Satanico goes to the mat claiming a foul! The referees buy it and the rudo take the match.

*** Ultimo Guerrero, Cien Caras, Universo 2000 and Apolo Dantes vs Gigante Silva, Tinieblas jr and Mr Niebla.-

-- The brawl began before the bell, I guess that Silva is upset with Universo attacking Tzuki or something, as he went after him, however, the rudos cleaned the ring and then ganged up on Silva, sending him out of the ring with a series of punches, kicks and stomps. All four rudos stay on the ring beating Tinieblas jr and Mr Niebla for some time. Then, they leave, with Ultimo Guerrero going to face Gigante Silva? Silva manhandles Ultimo Guerrero, then Cien Caras and Apolo Dantes get more of that, Mr Niebla goes into the ring, Cien Caras hits a kneebash, then whips Niebla to a corner, so Cien Caras charges with a corner kneesplash, somehow, Cien Caras had too much momentum and goes over the top rope out of the ring, he tries to hold Mr Niebla but only gets his neck and makes him bend in an ugly way... either Cien Caras blow the spot or he invented something!!! Later... they do their usual stuff, the end comes with Silva teasing a martinete on Universo 2000, but Apolo Dantes uses a bottle of beer to nail Silva, so the match goes to the tecnicos by DQ.