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Wellcome to this ultra Lagunero (1)(2) recap for the CMLL/AAA tv shows aired on Sunday April 11th, to be aired on Gala a week later.

AAA from Veracruz, and Ciudad Juarez. I don't know the taping dates. Annoucers, Arturo 'Bato Loco' Rivera, Andres Maroņas and Jesus 'Viper' Zuņiga.

*** Los Diabolicos (Marabunta, Mr Condor and Angel Mortal) and Gran Apache vs Niņo de la Calle, Oscar Sevilla, Duro and Directo.- I had a hard time trying to tell los Diabolicos from each other, they all used the same outfit, had the same hair cuts and had some make up in their face (around the eyes).

1.- The rudos attack as the bell rang, Marabunta uses a double underhook powerbomb on Niņo that makes the tecnica land pretty bad on his side... punches, kicks, stopmts, clotheslines, rudo brawling. Rudos clean the ring and begin quadruple teaming on single tecnicos, untill they earn the DQ for collectively stomping Oscar Sevilla... the crowd popped big for the DQ...??? They get happy because the tecnicos win even with not a single offensive move?

2.- The rudos don't care about the DQ as they kept beating the tecnicos during the recess and into the third fall, the unavoidable tecnico reaction comes after Niņo ducks a corner spear and a Diabolico leaves the ring, the tecnicos start getting the better from the brawl. The fall cool down a little, as Sevilla faces Apache, delivering a revers half powerbomb before Apache tags out to Mr Condor, Niņo de la Calle works with Mr Condor with some armdrags and then all 4 rudos try to get Niņo, but the tecnico is too much for them as he easily manhandled all of them. Then, out of nowhere, Duro y Directo put Angel Mortal and Marabunta into one of those IWRGesque team submission holds in a corner, Apache goes for the save but Sevilla hits a somersault flip pin (rana) while Niņo does a huracanrana on Mr Condor as the tecnicos take the match 2-0.

*** Cobarde (jr) vs Perro Aguayo for whatever title Cobarde holds.- Sangre Chicana is Cobarde's cornerman, while Perrito is on his dad's corner.

1.- Perro Aguayo does like 5 times more things than usual (grandt total: 10, including a tope suicida in the second fall), Sangre Chicana helps Cobarde to get the first fall.2.- Then, it is more or less the same, Cobarde is assisted by Chicana to save some near falls, at the end, Cobarde teases a tombsotne piledriver, but Perrito enters to push them down, Perro hits two clotheslines, the double stompt, and then, Perro uses a slow motion 'casita' and gets the 3 count. 3.- Somehow the referee was stretched out and Tirantes was the replacement, so more help for Cobarde in the final. More of the same, Sangre and Perrito start fighting, Nygma arrives to help Sangre, then Kickboxer and BoxThai make the quadruple beat down on Perrito, Perro has Cobarde ready for the 3 count, he looks at Cobarde, then Perrito, Cobarde, Perrito, Cobarde, Perrito, Perrito, Cobarde... he goes down and helps his kid, is counted out, Cobarde wins, Heavy Metal gets to the ringside to make the save, but Cobarde is still the champ.

I guess Perro is motivated from seeing so many people on his farewell tour, he is trying a lot harder, but he is not really in good shape to work right now (that's been the case for some years). His matches have no rythm and flow, and he looks as if working in slow motion. They should put him in atomicos matches were he doesn't need to work that much. The problem with Perro is that, even while he is from Nochistlan, I understand it is near Jalisco, and that is 'no bueno'.

*** Alebrije, El Angel, Hijo del Perro and Latin Lover vs Sangre Chicana, Cobarde jr (again?), Crazy 33 and Yanko (sp?) .- This and the next match is taped from Ciudad Juarez, the unfalmiliar names are locals, or at least, I guess they are.

1.- Tecnicos won. 2.- Rudos brawl, Cobarde slams Perrito to a ringpost and then Perrito crashes with the ring bell, apparently ( I guess it was a work) getting injured there, so Alebrije takes him to the locker rooms, so the rudos can do short work of the other 2 tecnicos and take the fall. 3.- The beating continues, Perrito returns and the tecnicos win the match. (Note: Something happened here and this match was not taped).

*** Three way Atomicos cage title match: Vipers (Mosco AAA, Histerya II, Psicosis AAA and Maniaco) vs Vatos Locos (Charly Manson, Picudo, Nygma and MayFlowers) vs Los Juaristas ( Maravilloso, Samurai, Takeda or something like that, and Enigma).- Juaristas means 'from Ciudad Juarez', which is the city on the border (right across El Paso). Some notable guys from Ciudad Juarez: Fishman (he was born here in Torreon but he grew up and became a luchador there), los Cobardes (I, II and III), and the best should be Eddy Guerrero (not sure where his brothers are from). The only guy from Los Juaristas I've seen before is Maravilloso, he's quite good, but a team with guys from Cd Juarez is nothing compared to a team with Laguneros only (what about Blue Panther/Dr Wagner jr/Black Warrior/Ultimo Guerrero team?).

--- As the three teams enter the cage, the brawl starts, then they cut into Enigma escaping from the cage, he was juicing and with his mask ripped open by then, and Takeda or whatever it was was also out of the cage. Samurai and Maravillo start trying to escape, but the Vipers and Vatos stop them, the rules were unclear as if they needed to have 3 members of a team escaping or all 4 had to escape, so theoretically, either Maravilloso or Samurai escaping could mean victory to the Juaristas. Mosco escapes next. Then Mr Manson, Hysteria and Picudo. They get to the near escpes sequences with the other guys chair shoting them back into the ring, including run ins by Chicana, Cobarde and Crazy 33 who with Mr Manson, chair shots Samurai and Maravilloso. They throw 4 chairs into the ring, so Nygma, and Mr Mayflowers can have a chair showdown with Psicosis and Maniaco, eventually, both Batos Locos escape, so they keep the atomicos title, Yanko comes out to question Crazzy 33, for not standing with the Juaristas, Crazzy 33 says that he doesn't care and that he is rudo everywhere (3) and he doesn't support the tecnicos, I guess they did that to turn Yanko tecnico over there.. Everyone comes out and the riot continues as the show ends.

Well, too bad for Maravilloso, he had no chance at all to show his stuff, hard to say if the other guys from Cd Juarez are any good, if anything, they're not to Batos or Vipers's level of brawl madness, not that they should, they're tecnicos after all. The Good thing is that the team with 2 laguneros won and retained the titles.

CMLL.- From Arena Coliseo. Taped April 6th and April 9th. Annoucers: Leobardo Magadan, Javier Yaņes and Dr Alfonso Morales for April 6, April 9 had Jesus Zuņiga instead of Morales, which turned out to be very weird.

*** Blue Panther, Fuerza Guerrera and Cien Caras vs Brazo Plata, Tinieblas jr and Ringo Mendoza.-

1.- Mr Fuerza Guerrera (4) and Ringo Mendoza exchange some restholds and pin attempts, then it is Mr Blue Panther facing Brazo de Plata, Mr Panther is kind enough to let Porky work his stuff... Then is the usual Tinieblitas/Caras stuff, Mr Blue Panther is nailed by a side tope by Ringo, Ringo tries another one but Mr Panther dodges, then hits clothesline, he tries another but is put into 'la Ringuiņa' and submits. Immdiatly, Tinieblas puts Mr Guerrera into a 'cristo' hold and submits as well while Caras runs away but is chased and gut shoted by Porky.

3.- El Blue Lagunero fights with Ringo for some time, mostly slaps trading, Mr Fuerza enters to support his compadre (5), they beat Ringo for a while but Tinieblitas manages to hit a side plancha from the ttb on both rudos, next, Tinieblas jr hits double clotheslines on them, sending them to the floor, so Porky can hit a vertical plancha on Mr Guerrera. Tinieblitas puts Cien Caras into an abdominal stretch, Mr Panther returns to the ring and is attacked by Ringo Mendoza, but the rudo fouls him and gets the pin, Tinieblas is also low blowed and pinned. That was all... I don't know if they reversed the result later and Mr Panther brawled with Ringo and they got into maskrippingbloody land or not (as the news report said).

*** Lighting match: Tritoncito vs Cicloncito Ramirez.-

-- They open exchanging mat work, then, Tritoncito hiptosses Ramirez to the apron, Ramirez follows hipotossing Tritoncito out of the ring and the mini rudo takes a nasty bump!! Cicloncito goes to jump to the second turnbuckle to leave the ring in a 360š plancha, more or less hitting the target, besides hitting his face into the apron!! They go on for a couple of minutes, then Cicloncito delivers a tope sucida, Tritoncito returns to the ring first, but Ramirez puts him into 'la mecedora' (rocking chair) and takes the match.

*** Black Warrior, Satanico and Rey Buccanero vs Shocker, Mr Niebla and Astro Rey jr.- Before the match, they aired a video which had Atlantis, Atlantico and Mr Niebla (6) training at a gym, Shocker arrives and Atlantis is mad at him because Shocker choked his bro (Atlantico), Shocker leaves, Atlantico tells his brother to let him go, but they go after him, Shocker goes out of the building and the 'Capos' are waiting there, they ambush the three tecnicos (with 'bam' 'pum' 'crash' signs just as in the old Batman show). They leave them beaten and then Mr Ultimo Guerrero arrives and kicks them a little more.

1.- Mr Black Warrior and Astro Rey jr stay on the technical ground for the first part of the fall, then Astro tags Niebla in, you can tell he and Shocker are not getting along... they all get into the ring, not knowing what to do... finally, Niebla and Bucanero have a brief matwork segment, followed by a longer segment by Satanico and Shocker, at the end, both shake hands, but Shocker was reluctant to do so, still, his mates are not thrusting on him... Bucanero/Astro, then Mr Warrior/Niebla pick the pace up and the rudo brawling erupts, at one point, Shocker and Niebla leave the ring and Shocker sends Niebla back into the ring!! Anyway, the rudos are not making Shocker a friend yet... Rey Bucanero hits a senton and pins Astro Rey jr, while Mr Warrior and Satanico use a double submission move, they don't let go fast enough and they're DQd.

2.- The rudos are in their brawling mode, beating Astro and Niebla, Niebla wanted to tag out to Shocker but he refused to do so, eventually the tecnicos react and send Bucanero to the floor, Niebla gets ready for a tope or something but Shocker gets Niebla in a shoulder block, and then it is him who delivers an over the top somersault plancha, Mr Warrior nails Shocker then with a running tope suicida (not in the reckless level Mr Black Warrior usually does that move, but enough to show that he is no friend of Shocker, I guess). In the ring, the two tecnicos do like a dozen of quebradoras con hilo on Satanico and then pin him before Mr Warrior can make the save.

*** Handicap match: Gigante Silva, Atlantis and Emilio Charles vs Ultimo Guerrero, Apolo Dantes, Mascara Aņo 2000 and Universo Dos Mil.- After hinting that Mr Ultimo Guerrero could be joining Mr Blue Panther to form a tag team (or maybe even an atomico team with Mr Dr Wagner jr and Mr Black Warrior), he gets to headline a card with 5 Jalisquillos and a Brazilian!!! Malo! Malo! Malo! Well, Mascara Aņo 2000 only rediming quality is that he started working here in Torreon in 1977 (as Titan), but even that can't help him...

-- The 4 rudos over whelm Atlantis and Charles before Gigante Silva can get to the ring, then they attack Silva, but he does whatever it is he has done on each of those matches and then takes the match.

1.- I'm doing this ultra Lagunero thing only to amuse myself, since I didn't find the shows to be that amusing by themselves.

2.- Lagunero means, 'being from la Laguna', it is a region on the south-western part of Coahuila and eastern part of Durango, it has two major cities Torreon in Coahuila, (which is much bigger than the rest) and Gomez Palacio, in Durango.

3.- We wouldn't have that problem here in la Laguna since almost everyone is rudo (Blue Panther, Dr Wagner, Black Warrior, Charly Manson, Electro Shock, May Flowers, Pantera del Ring, Ultimo Rebelde, Ultimo Guerrero, los Hermanos Espanto, Silver King -?-, etc.)

4.- No, Fuerza Guerrera is not Lagunero but he gets the Mister title because he rules.

5.- Compadre: A compadre is someone who is the godfather to one of you kids, or you are the godfather to one of his kids. (Godbrother?)

6.- 'Mr' in Mr Niebla is his name, not that I'm calling that, he is good... but he is no Lagunero...