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AAA from Xalapa Veracruz, taped March 18.-------IMPORTANT---- This week, they cut both shows because Televisa aired the Youth World Soccer Cup in that channel, they gave each show about 50 minutes, which is 5 minutes more than half their usual time on air... That made this report pretty short.

***Cage match: Heavy Metal and Mascara Sagrada jr vs Thai Boxer and Kick Boxer.- Sort of a revenge match from the Rey de Reyes duel, which, apparently, was well received by the media, I think it was OK, but not as good as they had said...

-- The tecnicos use some suplexes and powerbombs while the kickboxers use some elbow-hitting and kicks, Mascara jr tries to escape a couple of times but is stopped, after some minutes, Heavy Metal uses a gorilla press on Kickboxer, but Thai Boxer hits him and Kick Boxer ends falling on Heavy, Mascara tries to go out again but Thai stops him, meanwhile, Kickboxer escapes on the oposite corner... Heavy Metal hits a rock bottom on Thai, he and Mascara Sagrada jr talk about it, and Mascara ask Heavy to leave the ring! Heavy goes out of the cage... Thai Boxer and Mascara jr trade some punches and kicks, going back and forth, Boxer takes Mascara jr to a corner and starts attacking him, but Kick Boxer throws some liquid hitting Thai (who juiced), Mascara takes it from there beating Thai Boxer, eventually Kick Boxer returns to the cage, then Heavy follows. Tirantes and Tropicasas fought for a while, in the cage, they tried (I think) a spot in which both Boxers low kicked each other, but it didn't come off well, still, both tecnicos managed to climb the cage and take the match!!!

Well, after months of pushing the Kickboxers vs Vipers angle, it turns out that the Boxers will feud the juniors, good, at least, now they've moved from the angle - with - one - team - trashing - the - other stuff and began with the battles, which, so far, have been good, although the Kick Boxers have no idea about how to fall after a suplex or powerbomb, and most of the time they take some nasty bumps... cool.

*** Sangre Chicana and Cobarde vs Perro Aguayo jr and sr.- Perro's retirement match from that Arena, which, was waaaaay oversold...

1.- Sangre and Cobarde beat the Aguayos all over the ring and take the first fall. 2.- The brawl goes on, the expected comeback takes place as both Perros dropkicked the rudos out of the ring, to then deliver double near (but not as near as you know who) cornerpost topes! Both rudos are counted out. 3.- The tecnicos are in their slapping intensive mode, but soon, Hijo del Solitario arrives ringside with a chain... Perro goes to face him but Chicana and Cobarde double team on Perrito!! Somehow, Cobarde got the chain, so Perrito ends a bloody mess, after the rudos are done with him, they go after Perro sr, using two locks to chain him to a beam, Mascara Sagrada jr comes out but he has no keys, and then Hijo del Solitario attacks him, the crowd chants 'Heavy', but Oscar Sevilla comes instead, but without the keys!! Apache follows and looks up for Sevilla, the guys in the crowd signal where he is... Apache goes there but that was not true as he was misled!! LOL!!! Eventually he arrives where Sevilla is trying to help Perro and they fight, by then, the match should have been thrown away in DQ or double countout or something, but the match goes on, Heavy Metal comes out, not with the keys, but at least with the needed tool to break the chain, he does so just in time before Kick Boxer gets to the ringside, everybody fights, Perrito is in bad shape, so Perro sr pins both rudos and takes the match, Perrito is stretched out but Perro stays as it was his goodbay show from Xalapa, he even cries a little (I think)... Perrito returns to the ring to join his dad in his celebration.

LOL, after a good old fashioned Rey de Reyes event, they go back to the usual AAA pandemonium with this match, good enough since I guess no one is dying to see Perro, Chicana and Cobarde working a regular match...

CMLL Arena Coliseo, taped April the second. BTW, this is the 56th anniversary show for Arena Coliseo.

*** Torneo de La Gran Alternativa.- This was an 8 tag teams tourney, but they only aired 3 matches.

-- Blue Panther and Ultimo Guerrero vs Tony Rivera and Emilio Charles.- Ultimo Guerrero uses his reverse cornersuplex on Rivera and gets the 3 count, Charles deliver a quebradora con giro on Ultimo Guerrero, but Panther helps Ultimo and they make Emilio Charles jr submit to a double Romero special move.

-- Astro Rey and Shocker vs Mr Niebla and Atlantico.- Shocker argues with Niebla, he wants to shake hands and stuff... Mr Niebla accepts and they hug... but Shocker does a belly to belly suplex and starts kicking him!! They cut forward to Mr Niebla nailing Astro with a cartwheel+reverse tope move, which sends Astro Rey jr out of the ring, he stays laying on the floor, so Niebla hits a thru the ropes diving tope!! Shocker powerbombs Atlantico and then gets 2 near falls, but actually, Shocker refused to pin his enemy and lifted him before the 3 count, Shocker uses a sleeper hold on Atlantico and the referee DQd him because of the choke hold...

-Final- Blue Panther and Ultimo Guerrero vs Mr Niebla and Atlantico.- The rudos jump on the tecnicos as soon as possible, brawling and using one of the lights or camera cords to choke the tecnicos, it seems that that offense put Atlantico out so Mr Niebla had to work most of the match (not too bad since Atlantico is not that good), which mainly had him and Panther trading near falls, Ultimo Guerrero pulled Mr Niebla out of the ring but Blue Panther decked his partner with Tope suicida after Niebla ducked!! Panther and Niebla return to the ring to keep trading pin attempts. Panther rips Niebla mask open, Atlantico is stretched out but Ultimo and Blue Panther attack him and took him back to the ring side, Mr Niebla went against the two rudos, Panther went to the ttb but got dropkicked out of the ring by Niebla, who went to the ttb as well, but Ultimo Guerrero got him into the reverse cornersuplex, Ultimo Guerrero gets the pin and the match.

Ultimo Guerrero and Blue Panther are awarded with some throphies, besides the right to headline the next 3 friday night main events. Panther said that that was not the last time he teamed with Ultimo Guerrero and that they're now 'Lagunero Power' (I came '||' this close to marking out, btw), maybe Ultimo will join Panther, Wagner and Warrior... well, that was all they had from the tourney, the complete results (and the angle they ran):

Blue Panther and El Ultimo Guerrero over Fuerza Guerrera and El Rey Bucanero
Emilio Charles junior and Tony Rivera defeated El Satánico and El Violencia
Mister Niebla and Atlántico defeated El Felino and Starman
Shocker and El Astro Rey junior defeated Karloff Lagarde junior and Apolo Dantes
- Semifinals-
Blue Panther and El Ultimo Guerrero defeated Emilio Charles junior and Tony Rivera.
Mister Niebla and Atlántico defeated Shocker and El Astro Rey junior
- Finals-
Blue Panther and El Ultimo El Ultimo Guerrero defeated Mister Niebla and Atlántico

Credit: Steve Sims(from a post at

The first name of each team is a 'star', while the second name is the upcoming rookie, the angle had all 4 tecnicos teams going to the ring and training, Astro Rey jr refused to work with Schoker and said that he knew that no one can thrust on him (Shocker), so Shocker gets upset and leaves the ring, later Felino, Charles and Mr Niebla tell the guys to keep training and also leave... Next, Blue Panther and the rudo youngsters arrive to the ringside area, Panther tells them 'first and only lesson: take them down', so the rudos jump to the ring and clear it from the tecnicos, Blue Panther said that the tourney should be won by the rudos...

*** El Hijo del Santo and Negro Casas vs Bestia Salvaje and Scorpio jr for the CMLL tag team championship.- They ran an angle before the match, it is hard to understand 'cause they don't do that stuff too well, but it seems that Zumbido and Scorpio jr were fined for trashing Rangel's car, and if they couldn't pay the fine, they would be suspended, so they went to 'los capos', Apolo and Markus jr talked with the 'man in black' (who was there with Hermanos Dinamitas) and he gave them the money to pay the fine... then they mocked at Guero Rangel on the street...

1.- Santo-Bestia matwork.Negro and Scorpio trade some moves, then Santo and Bestia enter as well, both rudos end up on the floor, so the 'new' pareja atomica deliver double over the top somersault planchas! The tecnicos made it back to the ring on the 19 count so they get awarded the first fall.

3.- Bestia and Scorpio brawled their way back to get the second fall, they could have pinned the tecnicos easily but beated them for a while, but no 'exceso de rudezas' was declared and at the end got the fall, the brawling continued into the third fall. The tecnicos reacted, they went even for a while, until Negro Casas helps Santito to deliver his (not as smooth now) double tope first on Scorpio and then on Bestia out of the ring, Negro started slamming Scorpio face on the turnbuckles, so the referee ('el maya') grabbed Negro and held him there so Scorpio jr went to the second turnbuckle to perform a reverse elbowdrop, hitting 'el maya' instead, Scorpio jr then Powerbombed and had Negro ready for the pin, but the other referee 'el guero Rangel' DQd the rudos because hitting the referee (even if Rangel was out of the ring checking Santo and Bestia and did not see the event). So Santito and Negro are finally the tag champs, but, exactly how is this any different from the Feb/5 ending in which the tecnicos didn't accept the belts???

OK match, not great, but maybe that was because of a lot editing... who knows... still, a weak ending, why they don't have Santo getting a clear pin on Scorpio for once? Is Paco Alonso and the bookers pissed with him? Or what? Since Blue Panther and Ultimo Guerrero should be headlining the next 3 weeks, then they could set free a feud with them for the CMLL tag team belts, with Santito and Negro keeping the titles, but having better matches, after all, we'r talking of Santito-Panther classic stuff here. I guess CMLL wants to take (the now bald) Bestia Salvaje from the picture to push Scorpio and Zumbido as top heel team so they can lose their hair vs Santo and Negro on the next Arena Mexico season.