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Revolutionary War Veterans

Remember our Clark County patriots. Some lie in national cemeteries. Some sleep in hometown graves. Some never made it home. But all have something in common. They made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country, our freedom and our quality of life.

Revolutionary War Veterans

Archer, Zachariah- He was born in 1752 in Down County, Ireland. He immigrated to Philadelphia, PA. in 1772. He enlisted, 1776, in Northumberland County, PA., in Col. Samuel Miles' PA. Rifle Regiment, 2nd BN., Cpt. William Peeble's company. He transferred, 1777, to the PA. State Militia, Cpt. Matthew Scott's company, which was later designated the 13th (though one record states the 15th) PA. Regiment, commanded by Col. Walter Stewart. He participated in the battles of Long Island, NY., Trenton, NJ., Brandywine, PA., and was in camp at Valley Forge. He later moved to Warren Co., OH. He resided in Kentucky before settling in Clark Co., in 1817. He died 7/5/1822 and is buried in Brick Cemetery, York Twp., West Union, IL., however one record states he is buried in the Walnut Prairie Cemetery, in Clark County.

Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File (Click to view large file!)

Auer, John (Job)- He was born in Germany. He enlisted in the 1st Regiment, German Army, "Crown Prince Regiment". He served a total of 11 years in Germany and during the Revolutionary War. He was a farmer in Clark Co., IL. He is buried in Marshall Cem., Mashall Twp., Marshall, IL.

Bartlett, Ebenezer- He was born in 1759 in Newburg, Orange Co., NY. He enlisted 12/1775 at Bloomingrove, New York in the NY Militia, Cpt. Thomas Moffett's company. According to another record, he also served under Col. L.J. Wood, Col. Luller, and in Misner's NY Militia. He was discharged in 1781. He participated in the battles of Harlem, NY., White Plains, NY., and Ft. Montgomery, NY. He came to Clark County, IL., in 1838. He died in December of the same year and is buried in York Cemetery, York Twp., West Union, IL., his grave has been marked by the Walter Burdick Chapter, D. A. R., of Marshall. I found the following information:

Date of Enlistment or Service Length of Service Rank Officer under whom Service
was Rendered (Capt.)

December 1775 1 Month Private Thos. Moffott
January 1776 1 Month
John Wisner
March 1, 1776 10 Months
Daniel Denton
and Nathan Strong
January 1777 2 Months
Seth Marvin
April 1, 1777 26 Months Private Ebenezer Woodhall
   to ___1781
Dragoon Lt. Jas. Sayre

Regiments under the command of Col. Henry Wisner: Col Hesse Woodhall
All services rendered from enlistment in State of New York.
Battles engaged in: Harlem, White Plains, Lost Montgomery.
Residence of solider at time of enlistment: Blooming Grove, Orange Co., NY
Date of Application for Pension: Sep 5, 1832. Claim allowed
Residence at date of Application: Elmira, New York
Age at date of App.lication: Born Oct 4, 1759 at Newburg, Orange Co., New York; died Dec 3, 1838.

Bean, Nicholas- He was born in 1760 in Buck Co., PA., though one record states in Germany. He enlisted, c1775, in the 2nd PA. Regiment, 1st PA. BN., Cpt. John Lacy's company, commanded by Col. John Bull. He served 5 months and was discharged. He enlisted again, c1779, in VA., in Lee's Legion, commanded by Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee, the father of Confederate general Robert E. Lee. He served 2 years. He participated in the battles of Guilford Court House, NC., Cowpens, SC., Eutaw Springs, SC., and the siege of Yorktown, VA. He received a sabre cut across the head. He lived in NC prior to moving to Clark Co., IL., in 1830. He died in August, 1838, and is buried in Bean Cem., Parker Twp., Martinsville, IL. He also served in the War of 1812 (See War of 1812 soldiers).

Boon, Thomas- He was born in 1760 in NC., though one record states in SC. He enlisted in SC, though I found his name listed in the Johnston Co., NC militia. He was one of the petitioners to the Common House Assembly for relief due to the Stamp Act, 5/7/1776. He came to Clark Co., IL., and died in 1836.

Briscoe, Henry- He was born in February, 1762, in Queen Anne Co., MD. He enlisted, 1781, in the 4th MD Regiment, Cpt. David Lynn's company, commanded by Maj. Alexander Roxburg. He was discharged the same year. He participated in the siege of Yorktown, VA., and was present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis. He lived in Jefferson Co., KY., before moving to Clark Co., IL., in 1835. He was a farmer. He died 1839 and in buried in Briscoe Cem., Westfield Twp., Westfield, IL.

Dosher, Peter- He was born in 1762 in VA., though one record states his place of birth was in PA. He enlisted in the VA Militia. He came to Clark Co., IL., in 1832. He died in 1838 and is buried in Medsker Cem., Melrose Twp., Martinsville, IL.

Essery, John- He was born in 1744 in Delaware Co., PA. He enlisted 9/16/1776 in Paxton's VA. Rangers. He was discharged 11/13/1776. He enlisted again 10/21/1782 in the Jefferson Co. (KY) Militia, Clark's IL. Regiment, VA. State Troops, Cpt. James Samuel's company, commanded by Col. George R. Clark. He was discharged 11/25/1782. He participated in the expedition against the Indians under Clark. He moved to Clark Co., IL., c1819. He was a witness to the act forming the county to locate the seat of justice, signed 5/6/1819. He was also selected as a commissioner to divide the county into townships. He died in 1828. He also served in the militia (See Militias, 1783-1811).

Hix, John S.- He was a native of VA. He commanded a regiment in Gen. Anthony Wayne's Brigade, which consisted of PA regiments. His regiment, known as Hell Scrapings, was largely made up of convicts, prisoners, and hard characters. He moved to Clark Co., IL., settling in Casey Twp. He moved to Oregon and died there in 1872. (NOTE: The above information came from the History of Clark and Crawford Counties. It has not be verified if it is indeed valid.)

Lathrop, Isaac- He was born in NY. He enlisted, c1776, in the MA. Militia, Cpt. Josiah Keith's company, commanded by Col. John Daggett. He served 24 days. He came to Clark Co., IL., where he died.

Layton, Thomas- He was born in PA. He enlisted in the Northumberland Co. (PA) Militia. He came to Clark Co., IL., where he died in 1835.

Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File (Click to view large file!)

McClure, Samuel- He was born in 1748 in Augusta Co., VA. He enlisted prior to the Revolutionary War in 1774. He also served in 1775 and 1781, possibly in the 3rd VA. Dragoons, under Cpt. George Matthews, William Anderson, Thomas Smith, and Zaccheus Johnson, commanded by Col. William Boyer (Bayer) and Abraham Smith. He came to Clark Co., IL., where he died 12/18/1845. He is buried in Forsyth Cem., Douglas Twp., Marshall, IL.

Spenney, Benjamin- He served in an unknown regiment. He came to Clark Co., IL., where he died 12/23/1853. He is buried in the Martinsville City Cem., Martinsville Twp., Martinsville, IL.

Unsell, Frederick- He was born in PA. He enlisted in the PA Militia. He came to Clark Co., IL., where he died in 1835. Information found: He was born 25 Aug. 1765 in Frederick Co., MD. From there the family went to Little Wheeling, in Washington Co., PA.From there they went to Harrison Co. VA (now W.VA) then to Miami Co., OHIO, then to Mehlenburg Co., KY, next to "the White River, in Indiana. Marriage of Frederick Unsell and Jame Masters was 6 Dec. 1789 in Washington Co., PA His father died, and his mother remarried to Peter Ketchell or Ketchello. Jane Masters was born 17 Mar 1772 He had several children and most settled in Clark Co., IL.
Additional Information found: Subject lived near Wheeling in Washington Co PA at enl & after the Rev he srv under Genl. St. Clair in 1791, in 1788 or 1789 sol was living in Harrison Co VA and shortly afterwards he returned to Washington Co PA and about 1790-1 returned to Harrison Co VA.

1835 Pensioners

Pvt Thomas Boon SC Cont'l 16 Jul 1833 73
Pvt Nicholas Bean PA Cont'l 03 May 1834 70
Pvt Peter Dozier VA Cont'l 31 Oct 18332 72
Pvt Samuel McClure VA Cont'l 14 Aug 1833 86
Pvt Frederick Unsell PA Militia 11 Feb 1834 70

1840 Pensioners




Samuel McCure


Samuel McCure

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