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Clark County Union Soldiers

Remember our Clark County patriots. Some lie in national cemeteries. Some sleep in hometown graves. Some never made it home. But all have something in common. They made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country, our freedom and our quality of life.

Clark County Union Regiments


Note: While searching the rosters, I looked for specific Clark County towns that were listed as soldier residences. These included:

Cities/Towns in Clark County (Past & Present)

Adenmoor, Allright, Auburn, Aurora, Casey, Castle Fin, Choctaw, Clark Center, Clarksville, Cleone, Cumberland, Darwin, Dennison, Doyles, Ernst, Farrington, Dennison, Golf Lakes, Griffin (historical), Hatton, Hogue Town, Livingston, Marshall, Martinsville, McKeen, Melrose, Moonshine, Moriah, Neadmore, Oak Point, Oakcrest, Oilfield, Orange, Patton, Snyder, SpikeTown, Walnut Prairie, Weaver, Weir, Wells, Westfield, West Union, York


2nd Light Artillery, Battery B

10th Infantry, Co. G
21st Infantry, Co. H
30th Infantry, Co. F
54th Infantry, Co. G
62nd Infantry, Co. C
70th Infantry, Co. G
77th Infantry, Co. K
78th Infantry, Co. K
79th Infantry, Co. F & I
123rd Infantry, Co. E, F, & G
130th Infantry, Co. K
152nd Infantry, Co. G

Miscellaneous Illinois Units & Rosters

  I also found on record a notation of a militia unit called, Clark County Light Artillery, Marshall. The unit served from June 24, 1861 to August 19, 1861.

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