The Chi-town 77 street punks were started a few years back by kids who had no interest in politics or crust (dirty south side kids) or unity between real punks and wannabe's. We just got sick and tired of kids not hanging out. We had few shows and almost no parties. We saw a lot of squatters and kids who were punks for a few months and then quit. It made me fucking sick. Emo was more popular then Street Punk. Kids were misled by false representation, they would go to shows and see dorks in thick rimed glasses and baggy pants instead of mohawks and bondage gear. Well, we hated that shit and were worried that when kids went to a punk show they would see dorks instead of real punks. So we beat a few kids up just to send the message that if you are gonna say your a punk you better be one. You better be a real punk, a Street Punk. So far we've done our best to live up to the standards of that we represent and expect. Punk is not about peace its about SEX CHAOS VIOLENCE HATE DESTRUCTION IRRESPONSIBILITY ALCOHOLISM AND FUN. Politics have no place in punk rock and progress and change have nothing to do with it. Some people believe that punks don't need to take showers or put up their hair or even dress like punks. Well, here's the news: you are not punk if you think that and you are all going to die because you are a threat to real punks everywhere. And you might think that your so cool cause your a threat to somebody somewhere but the fact is you will pay and were more of a threat to you than you are to us. WE shower cause smelly punks get no bitches. We put up our hair cause we are proud to be punks and aren't afraid to show it. And we dress like punks cause we ARE PUNKS!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We believe in giving kids who like Oi! and Street Punk a group of kids to hang out with and look up to. When we were coming up we had no role models or a place to hang out or kids to hang out with so we had to do it ourselves. Well, now that we are the older kids we throw the parties and we have kids come and hang out. If we think that they show potential and or exhibit behaviors witch lead us to believe that they are down for there shit we let them in the crew. It's Chi-town because we love this beautiful city and that's where we hang out. We are '7 7 cause we have in the snotty attitudes and the NO FUTURE attitude of the punks who started this culture in 1 9 7 7. We are street punks cause we are hard like '82. We'll break your nose and not give a shit. We are a crew, we are a gang. We are street punks who don't have a future and don't really care!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't like what we have to say, get fucked! But if you want to reply to this masterpiece of written genius and you actually think we give two-shits about what you think, send all of your gay emails to Chris.