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Now Entering Our Third Season in the Field...

"I don't believe that we can have an army without music"
-General Robert E. Lee

fifes & drums
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The Camp Lyon Fife and Drum Corps was founded in Pekin, Illinois, in 1995.
Since then, the Corps, located in the Central Illinois area, has striven to present the military music of the American Civil War as accurately as possible. The Corps' goal is to duplicate the music that would have been heard at Camp Lyon, a Civil War training camp for federal soldiers that was located in Peoria, Illinois, where present day Glen Oak Park sits. The Corps, made up of junior-high and high school age students, performs fife and drum music dating from the American Revolution through the American Civil War.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, military music was extremely important
in organizing and coordinating large armies. Whether through the bugle, the brass band, or the fife and drum corps, music was "instrumental to military success. During the Civil War, a ten company regiment was typically assigned one fifer and one drummer to each company. Sometimes practicing up to seventeen hours a day, these fife and drum units came to become a powerful force on the battle field. Once engaged in battle, many musicians found themselves the target of enemy fire because of their valuable role. One musician trained at Camp Lyon, Alanson P. Webber, won the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions at the battle of Kennesaw Mountain. However, due to the advent of more advanced technology, fife and drum would vanish from major use in the military following the civil war.

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