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Jessica Elliott's Timeline of Artwork

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1992-1996 Artwork done in high school.
1996 Basic Design.
1996 Drawing.
1997 Sculpture.
1997 Figure Drawing.
1998 Printmaking.
1998 Figure Drawing II.
1998 Oil Painting.
1999 Metalsmithing.
1999 Fibers.
1999 Weaving.
2001 Photography.
Artwork done in my free time.

A little about me.

I am 26 years old, and I graduated from Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville(SIUE) on May 5, 2001. Majored in art, specifically graphic design.

Art teachers and classes I have had in high school and college.

Kim Lemmon for art fundamentals at EHS.
Lynn North for drawing, painting, and prints at EHS.
Robin Springer for sculpture at EHS.
Dennis Detoye for crafts and art seminar at EHS.
Chuck Zimmer for Art112b at SIUE.
Chika Oumi for Art112a at SIUE.
Herm for Art112d at SIUE.
John DenHouter for Art112c and Art202d at SIUE.
Jennifer Basile for Art202b at SIUE.
Michael Joslyn for Art202e at SIUE.
Montana for Art202g at SIUE.
Laura Strand for Art202f at SIUE.
Steve Brown for Photography at SIUE.

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Updated: 04/20/04

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