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Supplying Hugware to the World...

Softouch Software

Who We Are

Softouch Software is a small, independent company (with not nearly enough time) dedicated to making cute and cuddly PC programs, an area that seems to be sadly neglected despite the multitude of software out there. While we have some ideas for future projects, we are always open to new ideas. If you have a suggestion for a cuddly program you'd like to see, please write us and let us know what it is. If it's within Softouch's programming capabilities, you may one day see it on this page.


The following are the current titles available for download. Click on the links to go to the information page for each program, which (if you're using Netscape or Internet Explorer) will also automatically send the program to your computer. The programs are located on another server to save disk space on this one, so if you have any trouble getting them, please e-mail and let me know.

- Cuddle Coupons will create custom ASCII art notes of affection (including Valentines), which can then be printed off or sent via e-mail (zip file size: 51.2Kb)

- Sofulompts will turn your DOS prompt into a rose, or a teddy bear, or a heart, and more, all in full colour. Just follow the simple instructions to have the cuddliest prompt around (zip file size: 6Kb)

- Hearts is a small screen show that bounces little hearts around the screen, forming words and patterns along the way (zip file size: 65.6Kb, requires VGA)

- Words allows the user to configure a set of words or phrases that will move around the screen in a colourful pattern (zip file size: 40.5Kb, requires VGA)

- FABS in and of itself isn't a cuddly program, but can be used as one. Similar to the program Figlet, it can make banners with ASCII-based fonts, and has such features as variable character overlap, letter zig-zagging, and more (zip file size: 32.5Kb)
To learn more about FABS, visit the FABS homepage

- Finally, the only non-PC based work we've done is a UNIX script for giving hugs and cuddles. To learn more and get the script, click here

All Softouch programs are hugware. To register your copy of a program, you must find someone and give them a hug. Simple, isn't it? People are invited to register their software as many times as they like. :-)

That's all for now. Look for updates on this page in the future, and more hugware titles. Thanks for coming, and have a great day.

Best blessings,
Sir Isle, CEO
Softouch Software


If you like things that are cuddly, click here to visit Sir Isle's homepage, a site dedicated to all things warm and huggable.
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