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    ***Well, that run was a short few months followed by a few months off. Well, I am back again for good this time under the names Great Lord Zelig and Lord Fauux. You can find my new, updated site at: The Nexus. All new maps, guides finally up, verbs again, new scripts for traveling/random/and hunting, links and more ways to contact. Hope you all enjoy the site. Write back what you think or suggestions.***

    Hi people! Its me Lord Rainock Deathrid. Welcome to my Realm! I have been gone for almost a year and a lot has changed, so I will try and get thing back up and running with a fresh new look now and get all that good info you are looking for. Most of the site will be underconstruction till further notice, so please bear with me. Thanks and safe travels all! ~Lord Rainock

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