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The Stranger's Award Page

After seeing so many wonderful sites on the web I decided to leave my unique mark on them. Thus my awards! *applause*
Well, maybe there's no applause, but if you see a site that you think deserves one of these awards drop me a note in my e-mail box so I can have a look! *S*
Mail me at
In your note be sure to include...
  • the page address
  • the author's name
  • and which award you think best suits the site.

  • Awarded to sites with beautiful

    Awarded to those wonderful magical

    Awarded to superior sites.
    May be because of design, content,
    effort or intent.

    Awarded to sites dedicated to
    wildlife in all it's glory.

    Awarded to sites honoring the
    spirit of this noble creature.

    Awarded to sites that REALLY caught our eye!

    Look for more awards to follow. Also check out The Spider's WEB
    for her awards!

    Award Winning Sites
    The Spider's WEB created by SPIDER
    LADY KRESTIN'S page created by Lady Krestin
    Back to my front door.