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PAWS(Pets Are Worth Saving,Inc)

Paws is a not-for-profit, animal welfare organization. Paws was founded as a means of dealing with the increase in the animal population ---specifically dogs and cats --- in Union County. Paws was formed primarily to prevent the destruction of valuable, adoptable animals. Paws is solely funded by donations, fund-raisers,membership, and (we anticipate) grants. Mission Staement This organization will strive to reduce overbreeding of companion animals, primarily cats and dogs, through public education and sterilization programs. We shall find homes for unwanted animals,specifically for dogs and cats, through rescue and adoption programs. We shall develop and promote programs that integrate the lives of animals and people for the enrichment of both. We shall carry forward a continuous program of fundamental, widespread education of children and adults, primarily to develop humane attitudes and practices. We shall support and assist the development of improved animal welfare policies and practices, including, but not limited to,working in conjunction with County Animal Control. Planning for the Future------A New Shelter The simple facts are that the present animal shelter is a rectangular, concrete-block building with seven inside runs for dogs. An average of 25 dogs are housed here weekly. Cats have no adequate facilities;they are kept in cages directly across from the dogs. These dismal surroundings are the last home for most of these unwanted pets and strays. Eighty-two percent of all animals taken in at the shelter must be euthanized. The new shelter will house dogs and cats seperately. There will be more runs and cages. And the animals will have outside runs and exercise areas. We will be able to keep animals longer, and they will have a better chance of being adopted. The shelter will have a meeting room that will double as a humane-education center. Address:Pets Are Worth Saving, Inc P.O. Box 235 Anna,Illinois 62920 Phone:(618)833-4915
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