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WWF Wrestler Tazz

Tazz is a World Wrestling Federation (WWF) wrestler, he use to wrestle for Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). Height: 5'9" Weight: 240 pounds From: Red Hook district of Brooklyn,N.Y.

More Info On Tazz

For years, Tazz was the top guy in ECW, notching numerous title reigns. His ECW career culminated on Jan. 10, 1999, when he finally won the ECW Heavyweight Championship. His eight-month reign set new standards for that organization. Tazz's "tough guy" attitude is something that has helped him survive from his days on the streets in Red Hook to his tenure in ECW up to his current reign in the World Wrestling Federation. Tazz made his frist WWF appearance at the Royal Rumble, the first Pay-Per-View of the millennium. Tazz's orange symbol which had haunted the TitanTron for weeks once again made its appearance, to an ovation surpassing everyone at the event. Tazz's wrestled Kurt Angle at Royal Rumble in the opening event and beat him, to what they called a choke out more know as the Tassmisson. Along with the colors and the symbol, both things are what Tazz has been know for along with a quote. "Beat Me If You Can, Survive If I Let You." As a fan of Tazz I can't wait for him to talk more and says those words as most his fans most likely already know. TAZZ~~~~(13)~~~~

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