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Welcome to the
McHenry, IL B'n'B
Square Dance Links Page

Other B'n'B Web Sites:
The B'n'B International Square Dance Site  
Batavia Chapter of B'n'B

General Square Dance Information:  
The Modern Western Square Dance Page  
The Square and Round Dance Page's Square Dancing & Round Dancing  
The Square and Round Dance Article Co-Op  
Database of Square Dance Clubs  
Animations of the Basic and Mainstream Calls

Regional Square Dance Information:  
The Chicago Area Square Dance Page.  
The Illinois Square Dance Site.  
Square and Round Dance in Wisconsin.  

Special Events:  
The Square Dance Events Page.  
44th Annual Wisconsin Square and Round Dance Convention  
30th Nebraska State Square Dance Convention

Square Dance Callers:  
Alice Coleman - Lincoln Nebraska  
Jim "Who" Cholmondeley - St. Louis Missouri  
Guy Adams - Rockford, Illinois  
Heiner Fischle - Germany  
Kevin Bersing - St Louis, Missouri  
Milt Floyd - Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Michael Peters - Duluth, Minnesota  
Dan Sahlstrom - St. Paul, Minnesota  
Bob Wilcox - Vienna, Illinois  
Mike Argue - Indiana  
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