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YR logo The Young and the Restless in Israel

Channel, Day and Time

Days: Sundays to Thursdays.
Time: 19:00 to 19:45 (pm - Israel clock).
Re-run: Following day, at 09:45 (am - Israel clock).
Aired by: "Channel 3" - cable access.

The History

Y&R started airing here about eight years ago.

At first, Y&R aired at 18:45 (pm), then it got moved to 19:15 (pm), for a short while and then to its current time-slot of 19:00 (pm).

It didn't start from episode one, of course. It started somewhere during the episodes of 1985 or 1986.

It airs in the same standard as in the US, one full-hour episode a day.

We are now watching episodes from 1994.

What Happened this Week

Last episode of the week: Thursday, December 4th, 1998, episode no. 2194 in Israel.

This week Nick decides to stay at Genoa City.
Ashley uncovers Mary-Jo's and Blade's relationship.
Nina loses her baby.
Maymee tells Jon about Jill's affair.



Y&R Milestones in Israel


  • Y&R is Israel's oldest Daytime Soap. It's the first Daytime that aired in Israel.
  • Y&R is one of, if not the most, Israel's most popular Daytime Soaps. It's probably the Soap with the highest ratings in cables.
  • Over two-thousand episodes have aired already. Episode no. two-thousand in Israel aired Thursday, February 19th, 1998.
  • Y&R started its 1994 'airing season' on the week of March 8th, 1998.


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