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SB was aired here by "Reshet", on "Channel 2" - public access television. It aired Mondays and Thursdays, between 18:00 to 19:00 (pm - Israel clock).

SB started airing here on October 19th, 1995. It was then canceled due to low ratings and the last episode to air here aired December 12th, 1996. The episodes that aired here, by US count, were episodes no. 216 to 330. All in all, only 115 episodes. Those episodes aired in the US, between May to November of 1985.

SB was re-run for a short while, at mornings of Mondays and Thursdays, but didn't last that long at that time-slot, either.

The show was stopped shortly after all the stuff with Gina's plan to kill CC, by having Eden pull the plug on him when he was in a coma. It was stopped shortly after the episode in which Gina dressed up in Eden's famous pink dress and pulled the plug on CC, making sure someone saw her sneaking out of the window.

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