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Welcome! To the site that commemorates and relives the terrific mischief of "Pacific Palisades"!

This site is dedicated to the latest Spelling PrimeTime Soap, the terrific, short and sweet, "Pacific Palisades".

Created by Diane Messina Stanley and produced by the well renowned Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent, the show first aired April 9th, 1997 and ended July 30th, 1997. All in all, only 13 episodes.

I created this page after I came across various sites on the net about PP that offered different information. So, I decided to concentrate everything here and give information, as I really loved PP. Unfortunately, the show was taken off the air due to low ratings, like many other shows, such as "Malibu Shores" and "CPW" . Even the addition of Joan Collins didn't seem to do the trick and very sadly, the show was taken off the air, but at least we have sites on the Net to remember the show by.

Here, in Israel the show started airing March 16th, 1998 and finished airing June 8th, 1998.

Have fun reliving one of the coolest, funniest Soaps on TV.

The folks of PP

Check out the Cast list. Who were the actors that portrayed the characters.
Who Was Who?
Don't remember who played who and who they were. See here to recall the residents of the friendly neighborhood.
Where Have I Seen him/her Before?
Cracking your head trying to remember where you seen that actor before in the Soap and TV world. Find out here!
Episode Guide
A full episode guide of all 13 episodes assembled from all sites around the Net, in one piece. Recall all the terrific episodes.
Special Storylines
A reminder of some of the special storylines of the show. Nice summaries of certain storylines.
Photos and Pictures
A collection of pictures and photos of the actors and the show.
Links for all the pages from which this page is assembled and some other ones for the show, etc.
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Who Was Who?
Seen'em Before

Tzach Ben-Jossef. Page created: Friday, June 19th, 1998.

This site shares no affiliation to "Fox TV" or "Spelling Entertainment" what so ever. I created all information in this page. I also created all graphics on the page and all pictures were taken from various sites around the Internet and it's duly noted from which site. (Refer to the Link Section to see what sites exactly.) In no way am I profiting from this site.

This site is not an affiliation of my American Soaps in Israel Page. Both are independent sites maintained by me.

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