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80 Hanson Facts (More Coming)

1. Taylor likes to wear a long braid in the back of his hair.

2. Taylor blushes very easily!

3. Together Ike, Tay, and Zac have written over 300 songs.

4. Through their mother, Diana, has been their home-school teacher for years, they now have a math tutor who even travels with them.

5. Ike wears clear braces.

6. Word has it that Ike names his guitars after girls he likes.

7. Ike, Tay, and Zac all admit they bit their nails.

8. The first song Ike ever wrote was called "Rain Falling Down" he was in the third grade.

9. Zac's favorite soda is Dr Pepper.

10. Back in their home in Tulsa, Ike, Tay, and Zac share a bedroom. Ike and Tay sleep in a bunk bed and Zac has his own bed.

11. Zac admits that sometimes he wears earplugs when they perform because the screams from the audience are so loud.

12. Ike is a Star Wars fan.

13. The boys love to relax by playing Ping-Pong.

14. All three boys collect Legos and love to build with them.

15. "MMMBop" was filmed in Malibu and Hollywood.

16. Ike, Tay, and Zac all play the piano.

17. Taylor writed with his right hand and denies he's ambidextrous!

18. At the MTV Movie Awards, baby brother Mackie gave supermodel Elle MacPherson a hug and wouldn't let go!

19. During the video shoot for "Where's the Lover," Jessica and Avie kept drawing pictures for director Tamra Davies. She still has them pasted up in her house.

20. When Hanson appeared on MTV's House of Style, Zac wanted to go into a body piercing place. His mom said, "No Way!"

21. Word has it that Zac loves the miniature shampoo bottles in the hotels they've stayed in all over the world.

22. Tay has a Kurzwel keyboard.

23. Zac wrote "Man From Milwaukee" when the family van broke down outside Albuquerque "Milwaukee sounded better than Albuquerque," Zac says.

24. Hanson sang at the opening game of the 1997 World Series between the Cleveland Indians and the Florida Marlins.

25. Taylor uses Flex shampoo.

26. Ike use Pantene Pro-V.

27. "MMMBop" was nominated for Best New Artist in a Video at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards- they didn't win. (Which made me mad)

28. Of the big MTV Music Video Awards winner Jamiroquai, Taylor says: "He's totally into Stevie Wonder, you can tell," Ike adds, "He's on e of my favorites. The video for 'Veirtaul Insanity' is incredible."

29. In an interview with BOP magazine, Zac describes himself in comparison to Ike Tay, "I'm the weirdo, Ike and Tay are normal, so normal people usually stick together, but I'm a Gonzo."

30. Ike told Entertainment Weekly that Hanson's ambition was to "keep doing our music whether we sell one record of one million,"

31. Ike likes to wear high-top sneakers or hiking boots.

32. Hanson has been offered several TV specials and a cartoon series based on their life. So far, they're turned everything down except for the documentary Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere.

33. There is an official line of Hanson merchandise including T-shirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs, backpacks, keyrings, and lots more.

34. When Hanson did The Jenny McCarthy Show on MTV, the actress ran onto the set and tackled Zac. "But Zac wouldn't let her kiss him!" Ike told Sugar Magazine.

35. On days off Ike likes to hang out at the mall.

36. Zac's favorite school subject is Math.

37. Zac told YM that "King Dongs and Twinkies are my most important food group, I also like lasagna and hot dogs and pizza."

38. Ike likes to imitate Kermit the frog and Beavis and Butt-Head.

39. In the "MMMBop" video, Taylor is driving the same car Sandra Bullock did in speed 2."

40. Also in the "MMMBop" video, the skating tumble was very real. "Definitely all real," insists Zac.

41. Hanson posed for their Seventeen magazine photo shoot in New York City's Central Park.

42. Ike told Seventeen: "We don't want to be the next Partridge Family. Right now we're focusing on the music."

43. Ike got his first guitar from a pawn shop in Tulsa.

44. Tay's first keybords were borrowed from a friend.

45. Zac found his drm set in a friend's attic.

46. Zac told YM: "I've never kissed a girl. But I do think about it. And it's not like ther's just one type of girl who's right for me, because you say that and then you fall for someone who's the exact opposite of what you said."

47. When Hanson was working with Dust Brothers on Middle of Nowhere, Zac took a flying dive into their swimming pool with his clothes on. "Zac played the drums soaking wet on one song," Taylor laughed in an interview with Seventeen.

48. Zac loves action movies.

49. Ike sprained his ankle about a year ago. He was climbing a plum tree and fell down and landed right on his feet!

50. Zac thinks the best phrase is from Toy Story "To infinity and beyond!"

51. Diana Hanson has blonde hair just like her sons..... Only longer.....

52. Walker Hanson has a beard.

53. Zac explained to a repoter that they are not spoiled. "We still do the chores," he said.

54. Diana was a music major in college.

55. When Hanson was working on Middle of Nowhere they rented a house in Hollywood Hills.

56. Just before Hanson went off for their first promotional tour for Mercury Records, they stayed in the old Tulsa Little Theater for a week... just to pratice!!

57. Zac made a confession to MTV: "I think it's probably actually that i'm so shy, that I just act wacky to make up for it."

58. Hanson loves to shop at The Gap.

59. A week after Ike got his guitar, Zac got his drums, and Taylor got his keyboards, they performed~!

60. The Dust Brothers helped produce Beck's odelay CD, which impressed Ike and Tay. Zac thought it was cool that Beck's last name is Hansen "The Dust Brothers only work with people with the last name Hanson," He kidded. (Even if they aren't spelled the same!)

61. Hanson told Time for Kids they practice four hours a day.

62. Ike has his driver's license.

63. Ike, Tay, and Zac love to play Laser Quest.

64. The boys used to sing "Amen" after grace at the dinner table.

65. One of Hanson's favorite Tulsa restaurants is Rex's Boneless Chicken.

66. Zac's birthday is October 22,1985.

67. Ike's birthday is November 17, 1980.

68. Zac is a Libra.

69. Ike is a Scorpio.

70. Zac says that "everday life" inspires him to write songes.

71. Zac's favoriet color is blue.

72. Ike's favorite colro is green.

73. Zac told Teen Beat the first thing he does when he goes home is "Sleep!"

74. Taylor told BOP that Zac is very smart. "He's good at English. He read Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet." Ike added, "A lot of people don't read that until high school."

75. Ike wears a silver ring on the middle finger of his left hand.

76. Taylor has a pet cat named "MaMa."

77. Taylor's favorite color is red.

78. Taylor's birthday is March 14, 1983.

79. Tay is a pisces.

80. Hanson has lived in Trinidad-Tobago; Venezuela; Ecudor, and Tulsa ect.....

81. Zac Hanson Sneezed twice on Saturday Night Live!

82. Taylor has a scar on the left side of his face from running into a glass door.

83. The song 'Man From Milwaukee' was sung by Talor on Middle Of Nowhere but was sung by Zac on their Meet Hanson TV Special.

84. The Hanson family owns a record player but they hardly ever use it.

85. Taylor's shirt was ripped by crazy fans at their Paramus Park Mall performance.

86. Jessica and Avery don't want to sing like their brothers, they prefer to do ballet.

87. Taylor likes strwberry ice cream.

88. Zac likes chocolate ice cream.

89. Isaac likes vanilla ice cream.

90. Before Hanson wrote songs about love and friendship, they used to write cute songs about frogs and ants.

91. Zac has been known to eat whole packets of sugar, straight!

92. Zac likes to bright female members of the audience on stage!!

93. When they were little, Taylor poured glue on Isaac's head and Ike had to shave his head.

94. Taylor has never had a girlfriend.

95. In the video 'Where's The Lover' Taylor kissed a girl but he was so embarraassed that they didn't put it in the video!

96. Taylor had a cat named MaMa.

97. With Zac's first pay check he was suppose to buy a puppy.

98. Soon as they hit number one on billboard charts these reports asked what they were going to do (like party or something) and Zac said "Get us some girl friends."

99. Zac's dream girl he doesn't know he likes them all.

100. Taylor's dream girls are Claire Gorgan, Hanson's producer's wife; Pamela Lee; and Emma Bunton, Baby Spice of the Spice Girls.

I final got it up to 100 and it is going to keep on going up and up.

I got some of these from a book called "Totally Tayor" by Michael-Anne Johns by Scholastic. This book is good you should go out and buy it sometime. Some of them i added to it.

I am very sorry if I write any twice, but I am getting this from all different magizines and books. So it gets kind of hard. You can e-mail me if there is one twice so I will know to change it. Thanks a bunch,

And I also don't know if all of these are real facts if you think was isn't e-mail me about it or if you have any more you would like to see on here e-mail them and I will get back to you I promise!!

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