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Cindy's fanfiction

Welcome to my fanfiction page.:-) Here you will find stories I've written based on my favorite tv shows. Included are Profiler,Space:Above and Beyond,Star Trek, SeaQuest, The West Wing,Sliders and many more.....

Stories with a are a work in progress.
This page is always under construction.
This site was last updated on 5/1/01

Please do not archive or reprint in zines or otherwise without my premission. All characters and shows belong to the TPTB,no copyright infridgment is intended. All stories are written and copyrighted by me unless otherwise noted. :-)

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This page is graphic intense and may take a few moments to load.

The Very
                    Suave, Very Not Pathetic Slayerette Site

Third Watch "Taken for Granted"

Set mid first season.....Faith is attacked how will Bosco handle it?

(5/1/01)A-Team Stories

Profiler "Heart and Soul"
Sam is shot at a crimescene. Now the VCTF team must keep her daughter safe before Jack of all trades strikes again.

Profiler "Resolutions"

This is just a short character piece with Sam&John set after the season premire. Please note it contains spoilers for last season's finale and this season's premire.

(4/11/01)West Wing stories

JAG "Eternity"

Please note this story contains spoilers. During the long flight back from Austrilia Harm has a lot of time to think but is it too late for him and Mac?

The Young Riders "Aftershocks" pt.1
When Lou takes a bullet meant for Jimmy the Riders struggle to deal with the consequences.
This is set late third season

The Young Riders "Aftershocks" pt.2

The Young Riders "Aftershocks" pt.3

(updated 2/9/01) Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Angel:The series stories

(8/22/00)Magnificent Seven stories

"The Ortiz Syndrome" Humor
Ever wonder why a prominant character on a series disappears from one season to the next with no explaination or closure? Mulder and Scully investigate

(1/5/01) Star Trek Fanfiction

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"A Typical Day" An Early Edition/Due South crossover. Can Gary save Fraser by preventing a hostage situation at the police station?

This story is set during this season of Early Edition and third season of Due South. But in the Due South used for this story Ray Vecchico never left.

A Typical Day pt.1 A Typical Day pt.2
A Typical Day pt.3 A Typical Day pt.4

CounterStrike "Deja Vu" During a vacation to Ireland Suzanne is kidnapped. Helene reunites the team without Alexander's permission can the team find her in time?

CounterStrike "Deja Vu" pt. 1 "Deja Vu" pt. 2 "Deja Vu" pt. 3 "Deja Vu" pt. 4

Prey "Love Comes Once" After Sloan discovers she is pregnant she mysteriously disappears.

This story is set about a month and a half after 'veiled' but before the next episode.

Love Comes Once pt.1-18

Love Comes Once pts.19-59

Stargate SG-1 "Starlight,Starbright"
Stargate SG-1 "Starlight, Starbright"--What would happen to SG-1 if Jack was presumed dead after a mission?

Xena:Warrior Princess "Twilight" After Gabrielle's 'death' Iolaus runs into Joxer and they remember their friend.

Space:Above and Beyond "The Wildcards Reshuffle the Deck"
My recap of the cliffhanger ending of "....tell our Mom's we did our best". McQueen's forced to retire but when a mysterious message from Nathan arrives it propels the remaining Wildcards back into action.

Forever Knight "Knight's of Toronto" pt.1

This story is my answer to Last Knight. The police charge Nick with attempted murder when Natalie's body isn't found. Little does Nick know that Vachon has recovered from Divia's attack and has saved Natalie's life....

Forever Knight "Forbidden Love"
Set third season after "My boyfriend is a vampire". Natalie is kidnapped from a crimescene. As the trail grows colder Reese begins to think the worst. Nick however realizes that the Enforcers have her, can he reach her in time.

(1/4/01) My SeaQuest DSV fanfiction page

Sliders "Slip through Society" By Patrick Jones and Cindy Brewer
What happens when Quinn and his friends slide into a world where tv programs are real?
This story is set mid first season

Slip through Society pt.1
Slip through Society pt.2

Cordelia & Doyle: The Powers That Be

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